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  1. Thanks for the prompt response. I'll give that a run and edit this when I get a result and let you know. I thought my error was with git somehow - I'm not as familiar with that as I could be. I understand then if I use git pull while in the /home/mangos/sources/dep directory it will pull just that directory from the repository? or is that the git checkout master? Edit 7/31/2020: Okay, so I started completely over - New VM with the same schematics. For the first attempt at the build, I did nothing to the /sources/dep folder and had the expected ACE dependency errors as mention
  2. Hello everyone, and thank you for looking this over for me. I am trying to compile the MaNGOS three distribution on an Ubuntu 18.04 virtual machine, and when doing so I'm running into some errors (shown below) I'm aware that the notes mention pulling the /dep directory from git on its own when having errors with the ACE dependencies, and I was able to do so, but I still arrived at the same errors. Note that when I pulled the /dep directory the command I used was "git clone https://github.com/mangos/mangosDeps.git . --recursive --depth=3" The build then proceeds to suggest
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