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  1. in CharacterHandler.cpp around line 200. WorldSession *botSession = new WorldSession(botAccountId, NULL, SEC_PLAYER, 0,0, LOCALE_enUS); should be WorldSession *botSession = new WorldSession(botAccountId, NULL, SEC_PLAYER, 1,0, LOCALE_enUS); i am gonna try but i am pretty sure it must be it edit : bingo ❤️
  2. Hello I installed the lasted version yesterday. I had the same problem. Bots would'nt teleport to Outlands, And the bloodelves bots were spawning in Tirisfal. In player.cpp there is the function Player::TeleportTo It's checking for the extension, i didn't debug it all to see where the problem is, but if I comment the extension check I can teleport my bots to TBC content
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