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  1. still stuck on this error tried to reinstall THREE times! same error over and over again please someone point what im doing wrong!
  2. @Natrist Thanks for responding can you confirm how to do that? my CMake is looking like that no mention of MySQL whatsoever! i Hit the Advanced and there seems to be in order the MySQL! Environment Editor!! im using Windows please assist me
  3. more detailed about my problem can be found here my problem in short is this error so my problem i cant find the next folder!! on this exact step as im complete noob on this topic What i have done? i went like this i assume its the right way after ALOT of research! from microsoft visual studio - 2015 on the bar "build>>Rebuild Solution"
  4. Greetings, im new here and i appricate all the guides, However i did hit a wall while "Building" i was following this guide on this step to be exact i have encountered an error full text my problem i cant find the next folder!! on this exact step Source/build/bin/" folder doesnt exist at all! i would appreciate some thought into this! However i noticed new folder big in size 1.4gb name"src" which wasnt there https://imguploader.net/images/tEt2naS34ebl Image inside MVS-2015 showing the error https://imguploader.net/images/E8pMT5WcOK8l Note: i was following the exact guide succesfully until i hit a wall on step#4. BUILDING THE CORE and compile using debug>Win32 (i cant see 64 anyhow) then build>>Rebuild solution (wierd this exact step is not included as how to complie i assume this is the right way...) Please help! im using MVS 2015 Note: There is no folder that contain all these files on this step are they suppose to be scattered and get them from searching each name on the search bar?? also these files these files i found mangosd.pdb on C:\source\build\src\mangosd\Debug realmd.pdb on C:\source\build\src\realmd\Debug ace.pdb on C:\source\build\dep\acelite\Debug AND C:\source\build\dep\acelite\ace.dir\Debug ((TWO FILES SAME NAME)) Please help i want to lunch my server im COMPLETE NO00OB help!!
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