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  1. hi,onixiya. Many thanks to you for helping me. I tried to find where the key point is. I found the field which called realmzone on table realmlist database realmd. and also, I found it was updated automatically by the value from mangos.conf when I login the server. I have no idear where to find the else data about realmzone. what should I do next?
  2. did this bug fixed? I can't fly aswell.
  3. RealmZone # Server realm zone (set allowed alphabet in character names/etc). See also Strict*Names options. # # 1 Development - any language (Default) # 2 United States - extended-Latin # 3 Oceanic - extended-Latin # 4 Latin America - extended-Latin # 5 Tournament - basic-Latin at create, any at login # 6 Korea - East-Asian # 7 Tournament - basic-Latin at create, any at login # 8 English - extended-Latin # 9 German - extended-Latin when I set the RealmZone = 8 or 16 I can login to
  4. Hi Hikari, I've read the topic mangoszero 18.1 build part 1 and downloaded madmax's MangosZero_Rev2462_x32_April2014.zip,now I am Confused that what is the relation between the tipics and the .zip file. i have a mangoszero 0.12.1,how can i update the mangoszero 0.12.1 to 0.18.1 or make an new full installation of the mangoszero 0.18.1 with madmax's MangosZero_Rev2462_x32_April2014.zip? I need your help,best regards.
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