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  1. hi,onixiya. Many thanks to you for helping me. I tried to find where the key point is. I found the field which called realmzone on table realmlist database realmd. and also, I found it was updated automatically by the value from mangos.conf when I login the server. I have no idear where to find the else data about realmzone. what should I do next?
  2. did this bug fixed? I can't fly aswell.
  3. RealmZone # Server realm zone (set allowed alphabet in character names/etc). See also Strict*Names options. # # 1 Development - any language (Default) # 2 United States - extended-Latin # 3 Oceanic - extended-Latin # 4 Latin America - extended-Latin # 5 Tournament - basic-Latin at create, any at login # 6 Korea - East-Asian # 7 Tournament - basic-Latin at create, any at login # 8 English - extended-Latin # 9 German - extended-Latin when I set the RealmZone = 8 or 16 I can login to the server but no realm name on the list of servers can be selected. set RealmZone = 1 I can select the MaNGOS Zero Server #1 on the list of servers and get in. Did I miss some configs? Waiting for help! God bless you!
  4. thank you so much,madmax. All for one,one for all! when you use WoWRegeneration.exe, if want to only download some specific files you can do those steps below: there is an example for downloading language folder 1. run wowregeneration.exe (select the language you want to download)when start downloading art.mpq then shutdown it,you can find a file named session.xml. it should be like this: <?xml version="1.0"?> <Session xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <SessionCompleted>false</SessionCompleted> <MFil>wow-15595-0C3502F50D17376754B9E9CB0109F4C5.mfil</MFil> <WoWRepositoryName>World of Warcraft 4.3.4 (15595)</WoWRepositoryName> <Locale>enCN</Locale> <Os>Win</Os> <CompletedFiles /> </Session> 2.edit it like this <?xml version="1.0"?> <Session xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <SessionCompleted>false</SessionCompleted> <MFil>wow-15595-0C3502F50D17376754B9E9CB0109F4C5.mfil</MFil> <WoWRepositoryName>World of Warcraft 4.3.4 (15595)</WoWRepositoryName> <Locale>enCN</Locale> <Os>Win</Os> <CompletedFiles> <string>Data/art.MPQ</string> <string>Data/base-Win.MPQ</string> <string>Data/expansion1.MPQ</string> <string>Data/expansion2.MPQ</string> <string>Data/expansion3.MPQ</string> <string>Data/sound.MPQ</string> <string>Data/world.MPQ</string> <string>Data/world2.MPQ</string> <string>Data/wow-update-base-15211.MPQ</string> <string>Data/wow-update-base-15354.MPQ</string> <string>Data/wow-update-base-15595.MPQ</string> <string>Data/interface/cinematics/goblin_800.avi</string> <string>Data/interface/cinematics/goblin_1280.avi</string> <string>Data/interface/cinematics/worgen_800.avi</string> <string>Data/interface/cinematics/worgen_1280.avi</string> <string>Data/interface/cinematics/wow_intro_lk_800.avi</string> <string>Data/interface/cinematics/wow_intro_lk_1280.avi</string> <string>Data/interface/cinematics/wow_wrathgate_800.avi</string> <string>Data/interface/cinematics/wow_wrathgate_1280.avi</string> <string>Data/interface/cinematics/wow3x_intro_800.avi</string> <string>Data/interface/cinematics/wow3x_intro_1280.avi</string> </CompletedFiles> </Session> 3. go to the data folder and create a .txt file, then rename it to art.mpq, just do the same way to create other .mpq files. 4.then run the wowregeneration.exe, it will ask you that whether you want to continue this session. type Y, it will starts downloading the language folder. I use this method to save much time.
  5. hi,guys, is me again,OK,I make it. now my client is running. I know what happened here, the WoWRegeneration.exe is a good tool for us to easy download the files,but sometimes the .mpq file is downloaded not a Complete file,so I runed the wow.exe,it wanted to download the file but it cant make it and warned me:Unable to transfer the compressed data required Please check the network connection. the last time I download the client I check the size of every file,once I've deleted a 2GB art.mpq and done a new downloading. maybe,master valcriss should add some size-check mechanism into the WoWRegeneration.exe many thanks to all of you.
  6. hi,guys.thank you,antz. my mangos server is MaNGOS Three/0.18 (* * Revision 12778 - *) for Win32 (little-endian) [world-daemon] MaNGOS Three/0.18 (* * Revision 12778 - *) for Win32 (little-endian) [realm-daemon] now,when I run wow.exe,it runs,but there is a warning. the warning says "Unable to transfer the compressed data required Please check the network connection" and when I click the OK buttom of the warning,then wow.exe is shuted down. there is no firewall on my computer(my mangoszero server and 1.12.1 client is ok and playable),network is ok,I have the same warning to my enUS and zhCN 4.3.4clients. There is an interested thing that when I run unpatched wow.exe,the warning comes out and mangos server displays an error : "worldsocket:: peer error closing connection errno = connection abort",but when I run patched wow.exe,the warning cames out,mangos server displays nothing. I have no idea how can I make the wow.exe run perfect. I am sorry for my poor English and taking your time,many thanks to you guys.
  7. I want to try the method below to start up my client.but I cant find the MaNGOSPatcher to patch my wow.exe from internet. would you have the MaNGOSPatcher or tell me where I can find it? many thanks to you. "Small side-note: You should NOT run this client out of the box - wow.exe will trigger the launcher.exe and fuck up your installation. So here are the final steps: a) change your realmlist.wtf! - So for testing your installation, replace those two lines, other can stay default: set realmlist set patchlist b) use the MaNGOSPatcher to patch your wow.exe c) Create the WoW.mfil file and write into it: (or other location/manifest, if you used other download location above) version=2 server=akamai location=hXXp://blizzard.vo.llnwd.net/o16/content/wow-pod-retail/EU/15050.direct/ manifest_partial=wow-15595-0C3502F50D17376754B9E9CB0109F4C5.mfil You can now run your working 4.3.4 client with the WoW.exe"
  8. thanks,bels. i do not know if the wow.exe file is corrupted. first, I unzip the Worldofwarcraft4.3.4.rar, edit the realmlist.wtf with set realmlist ""(this time I delete the port number),and click the wow.exe, there is nothing happen. but the launcher process is running in the background. so I restart my computer,and click the repaire.exe, when it is done, then click the wow.exe, the launcher runs and upgrades the client to the 5.0.3. client 434 can't start up yet. I am sorry for my poor English.
  9. hi,antz, I click the wow.exe directly,there is no shortcut for it. but it actually runs launcher.exe. and I also write a .bat file like this: echo y | rd /s "Cache" echo SET realmlist "" > Data\zhTW\realmlist.wtf echo SET realmlist "" > Data\enTW\realmlist.wtf echo SET realmlist "" > Data\zhCN\realmlist.wtf echo SET realmlist "" > Data\enCN\realmlist.wtf echo SET realmlist "" > Data\enUS\realmlist.wtf echo SET realmlist "" > realmlist.wtf start wow.exe goto end it runs launcher.exe again.
  10. hi guys,i cant't connect to the server. I do the follow step: 1.Download this - https://www.getmangos.eu/madmax/W...craft4.3.4.rar Extract to a folder. 2.Then download this - https://www.getmangos.eu/madmax/WoWRegeneration.exe Extract that to the root of the WoW folder. 3.add set realmlist to the realmlist.wtf file. 4. run wow.exe but the client connects to the official website of blizzard and upgrade. did I miss some steps to connect the mangos server? thanks
  11. Hi Hikari, I've read the topic mangoszero 18.1 build part 1 and downloaded madmax's MangosZero_Rev2462_x32_April2014.zip,now I am Confused that what is the relation between the tipics and the .zip file. i have a mangoszero 0.12.1,how can i update the mangoszero 0.12.1 to 0.18.1 or make an new full installation of the mangoszero 0.18.1 with madmax's MangosZero_Rev2462_x32_April2014.zip? I need your help,best regards.

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