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  1. Can someone please upload a working account registration page? There are several here on the forums, but the links are all broken. I am building a web site with GM Commands help, Player AI Command Help, and valuable downloads such as the registration page and updated addons (my next search). I am also building (once I get the info) a WordPress Plugin for account registration! Why make this harder than it has to be? Why didn't we have a WP Plugin already? I will share plugin when completed.
  2. flexserve


  3. I don't know what's changed but I've been doing movemap-generator for over 20+ hours on a 4 core (3.2Ghz) that usually takes about 10 hours max. [B](Win7 64-bit)[/B] The build was done 72+ hours later, but still have clipping creatures and floating over obstacles. Maybe I'm just not doing this right. I have my config files set up for mmaps, Database has errors , but nothing show stopping; yet when creatures run the go up the sides of large trees and some are under the floors in dungeons or floating above my head in others. I'll wait to see what others are saying. Please disregard my tracker report until Rel20 is a full release.
  4. I don't know what's changed but I've been doing movemap-generator for over 20+ hours on a 4 core (3.2Ghz) that usually takes about 10 hours max. (Win7 64-bit)[B] Did I miss a command option or something?[/B] EDIT: STILL EXTRACTING. Never seen it this long... (That's what she said...) ;)
  5. There was.. I don't know why. Just tried it and downloaded just fine. Re-extracting ALL maps and will try again. I will come back and report findings after the lengthy movemap-generator run. ;) [B]EDIT: I don't know what's changed but I've been doing movemap-generator for over 20+ hours on a 4 core (3.2Ghz) that usually takes about 10 hours max. (Win7 64-bit) Did I miss a command option or something?[/B]
  6. OK, but now the git is password protected? git clone [url]http://github.com/mangoszero/server[/url] --recursive -b Rel20
  7. No avatar uploads Will not allow an upload or a url link to avatar.
  8. Weird. I recompiled and pathfinding was still broken. R20 latest build from 1 day ago. Creatures teleporting through walls, bouncing over terrain etc..
  9. Just witnessed trolls run through a large tree. Should I re-clone? My build is from about 3-4 days ago. R20
  10. Hello all! I just wanted to say "hi" and thank the development team for their hard work (It doesn't seem that happens enough!). I have been playing with private servers since private servers were just walk around and talk. No action, no scripting, not even aggro. I have run almost every emulated server known trying to find the best balance of functionality and stability. I have returned after YEARS of being away from the private server realm. I returned to find that Mangos is still going strong and still updating all (or most) versions! I run a MangosZero server which I enjoy along with friends and family. Thanks again for your hard work and dedication to such a large project! Truly impressive! When I'm not gaming I enjoy bodybuilding and YES, I'm older @ 41 years. Other games I enjoy: League of Legends Strife Smite Starcraft II (When in Arcade mode I play: Nexus Wars) D3 Dungeon Defenders PSO 2 (English translated) My server has 4 cores/8gigs ram/and a massive connection/ only runs MangosZero on Win 7 64-bit Anyway, not here to advertise a server, I'm here to play and help whenever I can. Cheers! Flexserve
  11. I would like to see an efficient phpBB3 integration along with just plugins for WordPress. That way the headache of creating a CMS is not there. Most developed CMS's for games have been a disaster with security holes. They all eventually get hacked, with a WP plugin set, we could have many themes and have great design flexibility while having options to pick and choose our functionality.:cool: Going modular opens the playing field up. (pun intended)
  12. Thank you for this.. really cool making administering a server simplistic! Thanks Bannor!

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