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    Nightfall fails to proc Go figure lol, I know this one has a problem in allot of server's. Nightfall doesn't proc, even with glyph of corruption which should make it a 8% chance of proc, but no dice. I'd post this one fairly high as affliction warlocks are useless without it. edit: typo
  2. Void Walker quirk Greetings folks, been a few days. Any ways, while playing a warlock character, and obtianing the warlock spell for void walker and training some, I've noticed a slight little hiccup with void walker's script/handeler/what ever it's called (I'm uneducated sorry if I'm uninformative) The Voidwalker's spell sacrifice, if set to auto cast, and then turned off, sometime will bug out, and the walker thinks he's still supposed to cast it. an example would be, if I had just unticked the autocast for Sacrifice, and then mounted up and then engaged in combat again, he think's he's s
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