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  • Small Warlock issue

    • Status: Unconfirmed
      Main Category: Script (Eluna / SD3)
      Sub-Category: sd2
      Version: 21 Milestone: 22 Priority: Low
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Void Walker quirk

    Greetings folks, been a few days.

    Any ways, while playing a warlock character, and obtianing the warlock spell for void walker and training some, I've noticed a slight little hiccup with void walker's script/handeler/what ever it's called (I'm uneducated sorry if I'm uninformative)

    The Voidwalker's spell sacrifice, if set to auto cast, and then turned off, sometime will bug out, and the walker thinks he's still supposed to cast it. an example would be, if I had just unticked the autocast for Sacrifice, and then mounted up and then engaged in combat again, he think's he's supposed to cast all over agian when he's told not to. It's no big deal raelly, just turnning it on and off again works to sort it out, except when he phases out for mounting, flight path, or cutscene.

    Additionally, his spell consume shadows, ALWAYS casts, instead of when needed, if it's set to auto cast, I've resorted to jjust manually casting it when the situation calls.

    This is a low priority in my book, as there are work arounds. also, I wasn't sure if I should out this in database or server, so i just threw it here.

    Thanks folks, Tallah out

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