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  1. afarazit

    Setting up User Accounts

    I'm interested for that as well.
  2. afarazit

    mangos two Mangos web enhanced v3.0.3

    Thanks, I'll take a look at it
  3. afarazit

    mangos two Mangos web enhanced v3.0.3

    @rexhf85 I'm trying to download v3.0.3 and it seems that the official link is broken. Where did you download yours from?
  4. afarazit

    mangos zero Aowow status for mangoszero ?

    I've made some changes two days ago and it's mostly functional now. If you find any bugs please report them by opening issues on GH. The location of aowow hasn't changed you can still find it here https://github.com/mangostools/aowow
  5. afarazit

    Wowhead for private server

    (Late late reply!) Yes it does and it was updated recently. Check https://github.com/mangostools/aowow

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