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  1. Yes it is MadMax, but just been very busy with work and other things. here the delphi src codes to it if anyone wants to build a custom version, you will need Raize Components v6 or higher to compile this. http://www.daggerspine.co.uk/WowConfigLuncherSrc.zip
  2. So I been working on a small app that lets me connect to a selected realm without having to keep editing the WTF as that got a little boring after doing it many times I know there maybe already such a program out there but I like to make my own stuff i got a pre alpha working and if anyone would like to test it let me know I got a few changes to come such as multi client exe folder suppport for Classic/BC/Wotlk download link here http://www.daggerspine.co.uk/ConfigLauncher.zip any feed back will be good too
  3. would be nice to have things like that changeable via config file more useful
  4. I had the same issue as I run four servers at the end the only server i have auto starting is the login server all other servers I do manually as I was unable to find away to get all of them to run.
  5. Like i says before make sure your realm database matchs your server IP or domain line mine below i have each server linked to a subdomain if client is seeing the server but not connecting that means its not connecting to the worldserver .
  6. Did you set the correct ip address in realm database?
  7. This also happens on my server so maybe a bug maybe need to fix database or some thing.
  8. make sure your CharactersCreatingDisabled is set to 0 in your mangosd.conf file.
  9. Try this code in your save_user.php that should do trick for you , make sure to edit the database settings too . First edit your reg.php and change password field to the following then after that copy and pate the connection code and over write yours save and test <?php $host = ""; $username = "psddesi1_testdb"; $password = "7YdJ+csMV4jR"; $database = "psddesi1_test"; try { $con = new PDO('mysql:host=' . $host . ';dbname=' . $database . ';charset=UTF8', $username, $password); } catch(PDOException $e) { die($e->getMessage()); } global $con; if (!empty($_POST['username']) && !empty($_POST['password'])) $username = $_POST['username']; $password = $_POST['password']; function ValidateUsername($username) { if(strlen($username) <= 32) { if(ctype_alnum($username)) { return true; } else { return false; } } return false; } if (ValidateUsername($username)) { $data = $con->prepare('SELECT COUNT(*) FROM account WHERE username = :username'); $data->execute(array(':username' => $username) ); if ($data->fetchColumn() == 0) { $data = $con->prepare('INSERT INTO account (username, sha_pass_hash) VALUES(:username, :password)'); $data->execute(array( ':username' => $username, ':password' => sha1(strtoupper($username) . ':' . strtoupper($password)) )); echo '<p>YOU HAVE MADE A ACCCOUNT.</p>'; } else { echo '<p>Account Name is already taken.</p>'; } } else { echo '<p>All fields are required.</p>'; } ?>
  10. its same register script I use on http://www.daggerspine.co.uk of course my site script is edited and has a few more changes that the download script dont have but here link http://www.psd-designs.com/files/registration.zip
  11. I linked one on forum not so long ago
  12. dont you need to match both name and password as uppercase?, some thing like this? $password_string = sha1(strtoupper($username) . ':' . strtoupper($sha_pass_hash))
  13. So this is my first real mount addon so go easy on me it maybe incorrect, so if any of you lot know what your doing please fix it and send me the files :), but for them that want my mount files just click on zip , Mount in question is the golden king guild mount that was added in cataclysm, I really liked this mount so it was always going to be my first try to get working within WOTLK and it works very well here basic mount info form wowhead: https://www.wowhead.com/item=62298/reins-of-the-golden-king I have attached a zip file with all the needed files and sql entrys to get it working I don't no if this will work in BC, feed back would be good thanks peeps, """ PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A COPY AND PASTE ADDON YOU MUST EDIT YOUR CURRENT GAME FILES TO ADD THE ITEMS IN THE ZIP OR YOU WILL BREAK YOUR GAME. """ contact me for the files!

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