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  1. Hi you all, I've been compiling cores for a while now and have come across an issue compiling MaNGOS One Error 1 error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'MapUpdater.h': No such file or directory (D:\ServerSources\MaNGOSOne\Server21\src\modules\Eluna\CreatureHooks.cpp) D:\ServerSources\MaNGOSOne\Server21\src\game\WorldHandlers\MapManager.h 34 1 LuaEngine Error 2 error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'MapUpdater.h': No such file or directory (D:\ServerSources\MaNGOSOne\Server21\src\modules\Eluna\GameObjectHooks.cpp) D:\ServerSources\MaNGOSOne\Server21\src\game\WorldHandlers\MapManager.h 34 1
  2. I just compiled mangos Zero, One & Two (all develop21 branch) using Visual Studio 2013, had no issues, and where able to make dbc, maps & vmaps with no issues using the tools, didn't test mmaps since they take so much time creating.
  3. Hi there, Did you copy the files from the /server_build/bin / Win32_Release/tools into your wow 1.12.x folder? Did you copy ace.dll into your wow 1.12.x folder ? From the log, it seems like you are missing: map-extractor.exe vmap-extractor.exe movemap-generator.exe These files are run to do the extraction.
  4. Hi JayDee First off to fix the character database, open sqlyog or what ever SQL viewer you use click the character1 database and execute the Rel21_2_1_match_client_limits.sql found inside the database/character/updates/rel21 folder. About the world (mangos1) database it's telling you that the database us newer that the server core, in this case this isn't a problem, server core simply haven't been updated to expect the newest database yet, it will in time. I hope that this helps you out on your MaNGOS journey.
  5. Worked when I downloaded, but they updated the version being hosted, here is a link to the site page Shining Light Productions - Win32 OpenSSL Anyway you can also check the serversource\win dir :-)
  6. remember to run mangosd.exe from command prompt, so you can see the error messages
  7. Hi, i've been trying to extract data from the 4.3.4 client all weekend but it keeps failing, any help would be appriciated. [ATTACH]362[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]363[/ATTACH] MaNGOSExtractor.txt MaNGOSExtractor_detailed.txt
  8. I do understand your concern, but there is a lot of skill's/spell's that is sorted out not being part of the crafts pool, making it a long list of stuff to filter out, but i have been thinking of how to implement this in a better way. Anyway, i'm currently setting up all the MaNGOS servers with the intend of porting this change to them, and try and find other stuff to help out fixing. Might take a while setting it all up and such but when i got time irl, I do work on it.
  9. Hi you all, I'm a seasoned WoW player, played from back in vanilla up until WOTLK. I have been playing around with MaNGOS back in the days around TBC alpha but also WOTLK alpha. I am interested in gaining a better understanding of c++, and intend to try and help out as much as I can improving the MaNGOS servers. I have limited knowledge with c++, c#, SQL, Lua and htlm, but will expand my knowledge studying the cores and what else I can find here. Anyway, hope you all are good and have a great time here doing what ever you seek from being part of the MaNGOS community. Yours truly Zilvereye
  10. Another good site to get your patches World of Warcraft , The Burning Crusade , Wrath of the Lich King , Mists of Pandaria : Patches, Updates,Addons, Downloads (The Patches Scrolls)
  11. If you can supply me with the git commands to do so i can, i'm new to using git. I created a diff file like the How To Work on bugs (Wiki page) suggested. [ATTACH]361[/ATTACH] Edit: Managed to figure out how to do a pull, so have done that :-) learn_all_crafts.diff
  12. Here is my first thought on fixing this, not sure if it'll work, compiling now to test. Level2.cpp bool ChatHandler::HandleLearnAllCraftsCommand(char* /*args*/) { for (uint32 i = 0; i < sSkillLineStore.GetNumRows(); ++i) { SkillLineEntry const* skillInfo = sSkillLineStore.LookupEntry(i); if (!skillInfo) { continue; } if (skillInfo->categoryId == SKILL_CATEGORY_PROFESSION || skillInfo->categoryId == SKILL_CATEGORY_SECONDARY) { + // Learn only the crafts that actually are crafts (MaNGOS ZERO) + if (skillInfo->id == SKILL_ENGINEERING || skillInfo->id == SKILL_BLACKSM
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