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  1. There seems to be a new bug where spells and such cannot fire. Even auto-attacking is impossible. The cast bar goes to full and then the spell refuses to fire. When auto-attacking, you simply get endless messages that you aren't close enough. Doesn't seem like enemies can attack you either. Just did a clean install.
  2. I'm having an issue where spells can't be cast at all. The cast bar goes to full but the spell never fires. Even auto-attacking is impossible. Just did a clean install.
  3. Same here. The cast bar goes to full and then the spell never fires.
  4. Is there a list over all of the commands?
  5. What're the commands for creating a GM account? Is there a list for all the different commands one can use in the Mangos command prompt?
  6. Thank you very much for the assistance. Server is now up and running succesfully
  7. I'm having a problem when I'm launching mangosd.exe. realmd.exe is running properly as far as I can tell, but when I try to run mangosd it say 'Could not connect to MySQL database at unknown database 'mangos' ' Presumably I've messed something up while running InstallDatabases.bat, so that it can't locate the database. What should I do?
  8. An additional question: after building the project, I can't find 'vmap-assembler.exe'. I have everything else in the 'tools' folder (vmap-extractor.exe, map-extractor.exe, ExtractResources.sh and so on) but that one. What gives?
  9. Seeing as how the links to OpenSSL in the original post are dead, I'm not quite sure how to proceed with installing OpenSSL.
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