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  1. In the logs it shows this: 2019-09-21 18:11:35 WORLD: CMSG_USE_ITEM packet, bagIndex: 255, slot: 86, cast_count: 5, spellid: 54669, Item: 40732, glyphIndex: 0, unk_flags: 0, data length = 33 - from when using the key to try to unlock the chains. But still does nothing.
  2. BUG: During the quest Klavens Tower, you get the "Touch of Zanzil" debuff - which states on mouse-over that it prevents stealth / invisible. - but it doesn't. Still able to stealth normally. Expected: Should receive a message declaring unable to stealth - and not be able to sneak or go invis by any means (skills, pots, etc) Version info: Mangos Two (WotLK) Realm: 21.2.1 World: 21.10.113 Char: 21.3.1
  3. It also seems that if the statue takes damage, it will also cause the server to crash. (only tested with a direct attack so far, haven't tested with aoe)
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  5. Compiled on Linux (CentOS7) I used the develop21 (git clone --recursive h t t p ://github.com/mangoszero/server.git -b develop21 ) branch and after completing instructions to compile, found the following files: mangos/zero/bin/tools/ ExtractResources.sh make_vmaps.bat map-extractor mmap_excluded.txt movemap-generator MoveMapGen.sh offmesh.txt README.txt vmap-extractor -- I copied these over to a windows machine to be able to grab the maps (where I have WoW installed) - and get the following when running ExtractResources.sh via cygwin: ./MoveMapGen.sh: line 172: ./movemap-generator
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