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  1. Ahhh...You're right lol....Ahhh ok thanks for the info....Has anyone been able to get creative on making a character slightly op to solo?
  2. Trying to customize some items and running into a issue with regards to customizing item x with whatever say +1000 Fire damage....Not sure what the format is as Info seems to be spread out all over the place. Also, do we have a repository of SpellID's somewhere?
  3. Yup, I ended up getting it just forgot to update the thread....Thanks for the response.......
  4. Well, looks like I got everything straightened out. When I try to logon to the realm which is the default it bounces me back to the real choose screen. Any particular log to attach? After the install the instructions get fuzzy lol.....
  5. mmaps ended up being about 700+ megs. I'll update later after work...
  6. Curious, how large is the MMAP directory when complete? Seems like it's taking a while...
  7. Looks like I'm making some progress here with regards to the Tools..... Still building but ace.dll was created properly.....Huzzah!!!!! Ok, looking good here, all the tools compiled properly.....
  8. What I'm seeing is that my file structure is this.... /MangoSource/Server then drills down...So there's no bin directly off /server/bin, nor is there any file ace.dll. So I'm going to assume files aren't being generated for some reason... /.git /cmake /contrib
  9. Just got in from work, I'll check into the ace.dll which I'm sure is part of the problem....
  10. Hey guys, new member here....I'm getting upto the point of Exracting the assetts via ExtractorResources.sh and this is where I'm hitting my wall. Working off Server 2012 R2,VS2012. Following the installation instructions here https://www.getmangos.eu/general-help-amp-support/10595-getting-amp-compiling-mangos-server-rel21.html Not sure what's happening, permission issue? etc.... Extractor_Fail.txt
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