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  1. Please note that with the recent commits the Random Bot feature has been changed. The main change is that random bots are now logged in on server start and remains logged in until the server is shut down. This means they are not dependend on any player and do not use master player anymore. Any player with the appropriate level and gear can invite random bots to a group and the player will be bot's master until bot is uninvited. Also, limited support is added to dungeon finder system so random bots should join dungeons if there are not enough non-bot players. Random bot feature is still expe
  2. Ai Playerbot makes no core changes that could affect script compilation. There are no DB restrictions as well. Everything that works with unmodified mangos core will work with Ai Playerbot. @Gadget2006 There is no support for Visual Studio Express for R2 branch (this is forced by R2 developers). Although you can compile Ai Playerbot with VS Express using solution files provided this is not true for ScriptDev2 R2. Please refer to R2 forum for more information about their compilation on Windows. The code is usually tested with: cmangos branch - UDB, ScriptDev2 R2 branch - YTDB+R2 mods, Sc
  3. Just fixed mage issue in [ai-7] GenericMageNonCombatStrategy inheritance fix (preventing mage bot following master) in mangosr2-wotlk-ai branch. Cannot reproduce mount vendor issue (tried Orgrimmar and Stormwind ones with mangosr2-wotlk-ai branch). Are you sure there is no crash log. Can you try to debug the server in visual studio or gdb? It will stop at crash point.
  4. Random bot feature is experimental, but it is working fine for me. Please set AiPlayerbot.RandomBotAutologin = 1 in aiplayerbot.conf (I'l make it default choice in future commits). If AiPlayerbot.RandomBotAutologin = 1 each player brings with him some bots online (the system chooses randomly a subset of characters available in random account list). They became randomized in race, class, level, equipment, talents, etc. and teleported to a random place in the wolrd where they start grinding (attack anything they see). Non-friendly bots will even ambush the master sometimes starting accident pvp
  5. It is very easy. Just change the text at PlayerbotAI:202 to any message you want. if (fromPlayer.GetObjectGuid() != GetMaster()->GetObjectGuid()) { WorldPacket data(SMSG_MESSAGECHAT, 1024); bot->BuildPlayerChat(&data, CHAT_MSG_WHISPER, "I speak to my master only", LANG_UNIVERSAL); GetMaster()->GetSession()->SendPacket(&data); return; }
  6. Please note that the branch name has been changed on GitHub from ai to mangos-wotlk-ai - for 3.3.5a client mangos-one-ai - for 2.4.3 client mangos-zero-ai - for 1.12 client mangos-wotlk-ai is the main replacement branch of ai branch. Although basic Ai Playerbot features work for other mangos versions these branches are still experimental.
  7. Playerbot AI is purely PVE, it is designed for leveling, performing quests, visiting dungeons and raids with bots so the master player MUST be in a party. Although bot AI is powerful enough to take out many high heroic dungeon bosses (In fact, a proper equipped party of one skilled player and 4 bots can go through a 5-man heroic dungeon with no single death making WoW a single-player game), bots still require master's control, he should tell them where to go, when to attack or so. PVP is something very new to AI Playerbot. It is under development at the moment and unexpected things can happe
  8. Hello there. I see a lot of people wants to try ai playerbot with mangos different versions. Unfortunately I have very little time I can spare on playerbot so maintaining multiple branches could be an issue. Ai Playerbot has very little modifications in the core (almost all logic is concentrated in playerbot directory). So in case if someone desides to try a simple merge my suggestion would be to make a diff between ai branch and mangos/master then apply this patch to the new codebase. If the API is similar to mangos/master there would be no big deal to make it compile.
  9. In the original this projects was used just to enhance a single private server (having a lot of beginner players) so they could level and do some dungeons and raids even if no other is online for training purposes. As they had some positive feedback the code is become shared and development continued. So if somebody finds this useful please feel free to fork, create a patch or anything else as this is exactly what is open-source is for. The name "Playerbot AI" is just because this was the fork of "Playerbot" some years ago, but now it is almost completely rewritten and is not compatible with
  10. Unfortunately there is no specific branch for BC or Mangos Zero, only WoTLK (3.3.5a) is currently supported, Regarding to talent specs, the bot on login determines which talent spec he has and switches to this strategy, so if a mage has 40 points in frost and less points in fire and arcane it won't use fire and arcane spells as they probably are not so efficient. Anyway the bot master can change his bot behaviour in any time whispering to him: /w botname co +strategy1,+strategy2,-strategy3,.... E.g. if you whisper /w botname co +fire the mage bot will switch to fire spells (which is dic
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