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  • MaNGOS Roadmap 2014


    MaNGOS is still in a transition period while we continue to move from the old build to a new more redefined method. - The method used in MaNGOS Zero was not 100% successful, work is continuing to revise and improve the windows experience from this.

    Goals for 2014

    • Continued alignment of the cores. Different teams did things slightly differently and as a result we have similar functions in different cores using different names. This need tidying up

    • Documenting the core, other groups shy away from this work as they feel it is beneath them. We are an educational group, documenting the core we help others learn.

    • Continue to look at new ways to improve mangos, both from a technical aspect as well as a functional one.

    • Developing better code, remove hardcoded values. Sadly some of our older developers never believed things would never change and hardcoded a lot of values in various areas of the core. This makes extending quite complex in places.

    • Some of the database has been designed badly (playerbytes anyone), we intend to review and enhance the database where we can to improve performance and readability.

    • More improvement to the server files to make them consistent across the cores.

    • Continue our commitment to the Eluna project and add LUA support across the cores.

    • Lastly, helping to teach more people for the core and scripting libraries work.


    We also recently asked our devs a question:


    "If you wanted two things to put on the 'roadmap' for mangos for the coming year, what would they be ?"


    • Look at streamlining the installation and upgrade process, in particular database upgrades
    • Look at the concept of scripting things like spells, NPCs etc; there's no reason why a basic quest scripts should be a dozen lines long when the same thing could be done in a line or two in something like Lua or JavaScript.
    • Have a clear view of what's working good, what needs work, what is broken ... also in terms of content (which instances work) that would be useful.
    • Reorganise the project file system to all mangos branches and backport the Cryptography and Implemention as used in other projects. That way development can continue on Warden.
    • We need some core cleanup perhaps, As in getting the core documented etc.
    • DK rune system rewrite

    • New virtual functions in scripts

    • Full mingw support

    • Creature_difficulty system rewrite.

    • Dungeon finder








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