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  • TRS File



    The filenames of Minimap textures stored in MPQ Archives are hashed using MD5. The TRS file provides an easy lookup from real pathnames like Azeroth\map00_00.blp to the corresponding hashed filename f16354735dad4e22e175a398a01992ba.blp

    File Structure

    TRS is a plain human-readable text file. Every directory is started by a line that looks like

    dir: Azeroth

    after which a table with two columns (tab-separated) lists the corresponding clear-text filenames and hash filenames like this:

    Azeroth\map00_00.blp f16354735dad4e22e175a398a01992ba.blp
    Azeroth\map00_01.blp 3f6b258da2fe615b620d34eaa26bb0cc.blp
    Azeroth\map00_02.blp 6e2e4a333dc88a8581c727d3207d04f8.blp
    Azeroth\map01_00.blp 1c415ef6183e799c137c959596e34c40.blp
    Azeroth\map01_01.blp 8abbe680628429c4c6e6abf286bfed68.blp
    Azeroth\map01_02.blp 018be401f83b315df7abc887324cc1e2.blp

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