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  • WDT File



    WDT files specify exactly which map tiles are present in a world, if any, and can also reference a "global" WMO. They have a Chunked File Structure.


    Identifier Length Description Notes
    MVER 4 bytes Map Version This chunk specifies the format version. All WDT Files in 1.12.X have Version 18.
    MPHD 32 bytes Map Header This chunk is the Map header. It contains 8 int32 Values.
    00h      uint32          flags;
    04h      uint32          something;
    08h      uint32          unused[6]

    Flags values are not well understood. From Wowdev:

    Flag Description
    0x01 Use global map object definition.
    0x02 CMapRenderChunk::SetVertexFormat(2); (else: 1) -- Use vertex shading (ADT.MCNK.MCCV)
    0x04 Decides whether to use _env terrain shaders or not: funky and if MCAL has 4096 instead of 2048(?)
    0x08 Disables something. No idea what. Another rendering thing. Someone may check all them in wild life..
    0x10 if (flags & 0x02 && CMap::enableTerrainShaderVertex) CMapRenderChunk::SetVertexFormat(16); // cataclysm?

    The second integer is not ignored but stores something too. This is even less well understood.

    Identifier Length Description Notes
    MAIN 32768 bytes Main Chunk This is the map table data. It contains 64x64 8 byte entries.
    00h      uint32          m_flags;
    04h      void*           m_area;       // only set during runtime.


    Flag     Description
    0x01     There is an ADT File for this position
    0x02     Set by the client during runtime if the chunk was loaded

    We just need to know the 0x01 flag. The corresponding ADT File is found in World\Maps\\_XX_YY.adt

    Identifier Length Description Notes
    MWMO varies Map World Map Object If there is no terrain in a map (e.g. Deeprun Tram), all entries in the MAIN Chunk are 0. In this, and ONLY in this case, the MWMO Chunk contains exactly one WMO File Name (Zero Terminated).
    MODF 64 bytes MODF Chunk If the MWMO Chunk is not empty, MODF contains placement information for the WMO.
    Offset Type     Description
     00h   uint32   ID (index in the MWID list)
     04h   uint32   unique identifier for this instance
     08h   float[3] Position (X,Y,Z)
     14h   float[3] Orientation (A,B,C)
     20h   float[6] Bounding Box
     38h   uint16   Flags
     3Ah   uint16   Doodad set index
     3Ch   uint16   Name set?
     3Eh   uint16   Padding

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