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  • achievement_criteria_requirement

     NOTE:  This page is auto-generated from the MAGNET DBDocs module,
                 Any changes made directly to this page will be lost when it is regenerated.

    Description of the 'achievement_criteria_requirement' table for MaNGOSFour

    This table contains what needs to be done to complete an achievement criteria.

    Table Notes

    This table uses the 'MyISAM' DB Engine

    The Field definitions follow:

    Field Name Field Type Nullable Key Default Value Attributes Notes
    criteria_id mediumint(8) NO PRI NULL   Matching ID from achievement_criteria.dbc
    type tinyint(3) unsigned NO PRI '0'   The Type of Criteria
    value1 mediumint(8) unsigned NO '0'    
    value2 mediumint(8) unsigned NO '0'    

    Description of the fields

    criteria_id mediumint(8)

    Column 0 (ID) of [See achievement_criteria.dbc] This DBC contains the achievement_id on 2nd column and will be later extracted to show relations.

    type tinyint(3) unsigned

    The Type of Criteria

    Type Id Critieria Name Value1 Value2
    0 TYPE_NONE    
    1 TYPE_T_CREATURE Target creature_template.entry  
    2 TYPE_T_PLAYER_CLASS_RACE Target Player Class Target Player Race
    3 TYPE_T_PLAYER_LESS_HEALTH Target Health percentage  
    4 TYPE_T_PLAYER_DEAD Team value the source player and target dead player must both meet  
    5 TYPE_S_AURA Spell Id Effect Index
    6 TYPE_S_AREA Area Id from [See AreaTable.dbc]  
    7 TYPE_T_AURA Spell Id Effect Index
    8 TYPE_VALUE Min Value. Value provided with achievement update must be not less that limit  
    9 TYPE_T_LEVEL Target Min Level  
    10 TYPE_T_GENDER Gender: 0=Male, 1=Female  
    11 TYPE_DISABLED Used to prevent achievement criteria to complete if not all requirements are implemented and listed in this table  
    12 TYPE_MAP_DIFFICULTY Map Difficulty, Refer to Table Below  
    13 TYPE_MAP_PLAYER_COUNT Count. For criteria 'with less than %u people in the zone'  
    14 TYPE_T_TEAM Team: HORDE = 67, ALLIANCE = 469  
    15 TYPE_S_DRUNK An entry from the Drunken State table below  
    16 TYPE_HOLIDAY Holiday ID which must be active from (See Holiday.dbc) and game_event  
    17 TYPE_BG_LOSS_TEAM_SCORE min_score max_score
    18 TYPE_INSTANCE_SCRIPT Make instance script call for check current criteria requirements fit  
    19 TYPE_S_EQUIPED_ITEM_LVL Item Level Item Quality
    20 TYPE_REQUIRE_NTH_BIRTHDAY nth-birthday  
    21 TYPE_REQUIRE_KNOWN_TITLE title_id  

    Map Difficulty Table
    Description Value

    Drunken State Table
    Drunken Name Value

    value1 mediumint(8) unsigned

    The meaning of this field is based on the Type, see the table above.

    value2 mediumint(8) unsigned

    The meaning of this field is based on the Type, see the table above.

    auto-generated by the getMaNGOS.eu MAGNET dbdocs module

    Edited by Antz

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