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     NOTE:  This page is auto-generated from the MAGNET DBDocs module,
                 Any changes made directly to this page will be lost when it is regenerated.

    Description of the 'game_event' table for MaNGOSThree

    This table contains definitions for all game events that are activated or deactivated automatically by the Game Event System in the core.
    NOTE: an object (creature, GO etc.) cannot be related to a more than 1 game event. For example, if you wish something to happen only at March nights, you cannot combine events "March" and "Nights", but have to define a new event like "Nights" starting March 1 and ending April 1 of the same year.

    Table Notes

    This table uses the 'InnoDB' DB Engine

    The Field definitions follow:

    Field Name Field Type Nullable Key Default Value Attributes Notes
    entry mediumint(8) unsigned NO PRI NULL   ID of the event.
    start_time timestamp NO '0000-00-00 00:00:00'   Global starting date for the event.
    end_time timestamp NO '0000-00-00 00:00:00'   Global ending date of the event.
    occurence bigint(20) unsigned NO '86400'   Event periodicity (minutes).
    length bigint(20) unsigned NO '43200'   Event duration (minutes).
    holiday mediumint(8) unsigned NO '0'   Holiday ID.
    description varchar(255) YES {Blank String}   Description of the event.

    Description of the fields

    entry mediumint(8) unsigned

    ID of the event. May be any, should be as low as possible.

    start_time timestamp

    Starting date for the event. Defines the first event occurence only, see occurence and length for the next ones.
    NOTE: due to occurence/length event definition, the seasonal events require an editing in leap-years. The simplest solution is to change start_time to the event start at such year.

    end_time timestamp

    Ending date of the event. After this date, the event will never happen.

    occurence bigint(20) unsigned

    The interval (minutes) between consequent starts of the event.

    length bigint(20) unsigned

    The interval (in minutes) between start and end of single event occurence

    If length is > occurence, an event would never stop.

    holiday mediumint(8) unsigned

    Holiday ID is a number, associated with the seasonal events and strictly defined since 3.x (WotLK) client version. Ignore this if you do not know one.

    description varchar(255)

    Textual comment about the event.

    Table Contents

      1  Midsummer Fire Festival
      2  Feast of Winter Veil
      3  Darkmoon Faire (Terokkar Forest)
      4  Darkmoon Faire (Elwynn Forest)
      5  Darkmoon Faire (Mulgore)
      6  New Year's Eve
      7  Lunar Festival
      8  Love is in the Air
      9  Noblegarden
      10  Children's Week
      11  Harvest Festival
      12  Hallow's End
      13  Elemental Invasions
      14  Fishing Extravaganza Announce
      15  Fishing Extravaganza
      16  Gurubashi Arena Booty Run
      17  Scourge Invasion
      18  Call to Arms: Alterac Valley!
      19  Call to Arms: Warsong Gulch!
      20  Call to Arms: Arathi Basin!
      21  Call to Arms: Eye of the Storm!
      22  AQ War Effort
      23  Wolfs Attack to the Orgrimmar (Wolfs Group One)
      24  Wolfs Attack to the Orgrimmar (Wolfs Group Two)
      25  Orgrimmar Grunts Start Defend
      26  Brewfest
      27  Leader of Jin'Alai, Kutube'sa
      28  Death Legion Attack Stormwind City (Undead Attack)
      29  Nights
      30  Call to Arms: Strand of the Ancients!
      31  Dalaran - Invitation to the Argent Crusade
      32  Pirates' Day
      33  Leader of Jin'Alai, Gawanil
      34  L70ETC Concert
      35  Edge of Madness, Gri'lek
      36  Edge of Madness, Hazza'rah
      37  Edge of Madness, Renataki
      38  Edge of Madness, Wushoolay
      39  Leader of Jin'Alai, Chulo
      40  Day of the Dead
      41  Pilgrim's Bounty
      42  Call to Arms: Isle of Conquest!
      43  Hammerfall Under Attack
      44  Thrallmar Demon Attack
      45  Kalu'ak Fishing Derby
      46  Zalazane's Fall
      47  Operation: Gnomeregan
      48  Twilight's Cult & Elemental Invasion
      49  Winter Veil: Gifts
      50  January
      51  February
      52  March
      53  April
      54  May
      55  June
      56  July
      57  August
      58  September
      59  October
      60  November
      61  December
      62  World's End Tavern - Perry Gatner Announce
      63  World's End Tavern - Perry Gatner Standup Comedy
      64  Fishing (winter season)
      65  Fishing (summer season)
      66  Fishing (00.00-06.00)
      67  Fishing (06.00-12.00)
      68  Fishing (12.00-18.00)
      69  Fishing (18.00-00.00)
      70  World's End Tavern - L70ETC Concert Announce
      71  World's End Tavern - L70ETC Concert
      72  Stormwind City - Stockades Jail Break
      73  Night Elf Mohawk
      75  Darkmoon Faire
      76  Call to Arms: The Battle for Gilneas
      77  Call to Arms: Twin Peaks
      78  Rated Battleground 10x10
      79  Rated Battleground 15x15
      80  Rated Battleground 25x25
      132  Arena Season 9
      133  Arena Season 10
      134  Arena Season 11

    auto-generated by the getMaNGOS.eu MAGNET dbdocs module

    Edited by Antz


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