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     NOTE:  This page is auto-generated from the MAGNET DBDocs module,
                 Any changes made directly to this page will be lost when it is regenerated.

    Description of the 'disables' table for MaNGOSZero

    This table disables something on the server.
    Note that except the spawn disables (either creature or gameobject), the table is reloadable.
    Creatures or gameobjects disabled to spawn here, are not loaded from the DB, thus such disables get effective since server restart. This feature was implemented rather for convenient developing.

    Table Notes

    This table uses the 'MyISAM' DB Engine

    The Field definitions follow:

    Field Name Field Type Nullable Key Default Value Attributes Notes
    sourceType int(10) unsigned NO PRI NULL   Type of disable, see enum DisableType
    entry int(10) unsigned NO PRI NULL   Main entry for disable, type-specific
    flags tinyint(3) unsigned NO '0'   Flag bitfield, type-specific
    data int(10) unsigned NO PRI '0'   Additional data, type-specific
    comment varchar(255) YES {Blank String}   Description of disable cause

    Description of the fields

    sourceType int(10) unsigned

    A value from the table below:

    Enum Name Value Comments
    DISABLE_TYPE_SPELL 0 Disable specified Spell
    DISABLE_TYPE_QUEST 1 Disable specified Quest
    DISABLE_TYPE_MAP 2 Disable specified Map
    DISABLE_TYPE_BATTLEGROUND 3 Disable specified Battleground
    DISABLE_TYPE_VMAP 6 Disable VMAP processing
    DISABLE_TYPE_MMAP 7 Disable MMAP processing
    DISABLE_TYPE_CREATURE_SPAWN 8 Disable Creature Spawn
    DISABLE_TYPE_GAMEOBJECT_SPAWN 9 Disable GameObject Spawn
    DISABLE_TYPE_ITEM_DROP 10 Disable Item Drop

    entry int(10) unsigned

    ID of the spell / quest / map / BG / achievement criteria / outdoor PvP / map / map / creature / gameobject / item, respectively.
    For sourceType=3, the following entries are available [See BattlemasterList.dbc]:

    Value Battleground Name
    1 Alterac Valley
    2 Warsong Gulch
    3 Arathi Basin

    For sourceType=5, set 0 for Silithus, 1 for Eastern Plaguelands.
    For VMAP or MMAP disable type, here is the map ID. The whole map is affected, no way to disable it in a specific area is provided.
    For creature, gameobject, or item disable type, here is the object ID (entry field from the corresponding template table).

    flags tinyint(3) unsigned

    For disableType=0, specifies who the spell is disabled for. Values can be added together, except SPELL_DISABLE_LOS and SPELL_DISABLE_DEPRECATED_SPELL.

    Disabled for Hex value Dec value Meaning
    SPELL_DISABLE_PLAYER 0x1 1 Disable casting by players
    SPELL_DISABLE_CREATURE 0x2 2 Disable casting by creatures
    SPELL_DISABLE_PET 0x4 4 Disable casting by pets
    SPELL_DISABLE_DEPRECATED_SPELL 0x8 8 Disable the spell missing in Spell.dbc
    SPELL_DISABLE_MAP 0x10 16 Disable the spell at a map
    SPELL_DISABLE_AREA 0x20 32 Disable the spell in an area (AreaTable.dbc)
    SPELL_DISABLE_LOS 0x40 64 Do not check line-of-sight for the spell (the same as vmap.ignoreSpellIds config parameter)

    For disableType=6, specifies what VMAP function is disabled. Values can be added together.
    VMAP function Value Meaning
    VMAP_DISABLE_AREAFLAG 1 Disable area determination
    VMAP_DISABLE_HEIGHT 2 Disable height calculation
    VMAP_DISABLE_LOS 4 Disable line-of-sight calculation
    VMAP_DISABLE_LIQUIDSTATUS 8 Disable type of liquid determination

    For disableType= 8 or 9, set this to 1 if you want to check the DB GUID value in addition to the id.

    data int(10) unsigned

    For disableType=0 and SPELL_DISABLE_MAP or SPELL_DISABLE_AREA flag(s) set, here is the map ID and area ID in the following compact form: 65535*areaID+mapID.
    For disableType= 8 or 9 and the flags set to 1, here is the spawn DB GUID.

    comment varchar(255)

    Developer data, ignored by the core.

    auto-generated by the getMaNGOS.eu MAGNET dbdocs module

    Edited by Antz

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