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  • points_of_interest

     NOTE:  This page is auto-generated from the MAGNET DBDocs module,
                 Any changes made directly to this page will be lost when it is regenerated.

    Description of the 'points_of_interest' table for MaNGOSZero

    This table holds definitions for points of interests in various locations.

    Table Notes

    This table uses the 'MyISAM' DB Engine

    The Field definitions follow:

    Field Name Field Type Nullable Key Default Value Attributes Notes
    entry mediumint(8) unsigned NO PRI '0'   POI ID.
    x float NO '0'   X coordinate.
    y float NO '0'   Y coordinate.
    icon mediumint(8) unsigned NO '0'   POI icon.
    flags mediumint(8) unsigned NO '0'    
    data mediumint(8) unsigned NO '0'   Custom data to be sent for a point of interest.
    icon_name text NO NULL   The text to display as tooltip for the icon on the in-game map.

    Description of the fields

    entry mediumint(8) unsigned

    POI ID.

    x float

    X coordinate of the POI.

    y float

    Y coordinate of the POI.

    icon mediumint(8) unsigned

    Icon for the POI. An incomplete list of icons follows.

    Name Value Meaning
    ICON_POI_GREY_AV_MINE 0 Grey mine lorry
    ICON_POI_RED_AV_MINE 1 Red mine lorry
    ICON_POI_BLUE_AV_MINE 2 Blue mine lorry
    ICON_POI_BWTOMB 3 Blue and White Tomb Stone
    ICON_POI_SMALL_HOUSE 4 Small house
    ICON_POI_REDFLAG 6 Red Flag w/Yellow !
    ICON_POI_TOMBSTONE 7 Normal tomb stone (brown)
    ICON_POI_BWTOWER 8 Blue and White Tower
    ICON_POI_BLUETOWER 10 Blue Tower
    ICON_POI_RWTOWER 11 Red and White Tower
    ICON_POI_REDTOMB 12 Red Tomb Stone
    ICON_POI_RWTOMB 13 Red and White Tomb Stone
    ICON_POI_BLUETOMB 14 Blue Tomb Stone
    ICON_POI_BLANK 15 Blank (not visible)
    ICON_POI_16 16 Grey ?
    ICON_POI_17 17 Blue/White ?
    ICON_POI_18 18 Blue ?
    ICON_POI_19 19 Red and White ?
    ICON_POI_20 20 Red ?
    ICON_POI_GREYLOGS 21 Grey Wood Logs
    ICON_POI_BWLOGS 22 Blue and White Wood Logs
    ICON_POI_BLUELOGS 23 Blue Wood Logs
    ICON_POI_RWLOGS 24 Red and White Wood Logs
    ICON_POI_REDLOGS 25 Red Wood Logs
    ICON_POI_26 26 Grey ?
    ICON_POI_27 27 Blue and White ?
    ICON_POI_28 28 Blue ?
    ICON_POI_29 29 Red and White ?
    ICON_POI_30 30 Red ?
    ICON_POI_GREYHOUSE 31 Grey House
    ICON_POI_BWHOUSE 32 Blue and White House
    ICON_POI_BLUEHOUSE 33 Blue House
    ICON_POI_RWHOUSE 34 Red and White House
    ICON_POI_REDHOUSE 35 Red House
    ICON_POI_GREYHORSE 36 Grey Horse
    ICON_POI_BWHORSE 37 Blue and White Horse
    ICON_POI_BLUEHORSE 38 Blue Horse
    ICON_POI_RWHORSE 39 Red and White Horse
    ICON_POI_REDHORSE 40 Red Horse

    flags mediumint(8) unsigned

    data mediumint(8) unsigned

    Custom data to be sent for a point of interest. This currently is 0 for all points of interests in vanilla WoW.

    icon_name text

    The text to display as tooltip for the icon on the in-game map.

    auto-generated by the getMaNGOS.eu MAGNET dbdocs module

    Edited by Antz

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