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  • warden

     NOTE:  This page is auto-generated from the MAGNET DBDocs module,
                 Any changes made directly to this page will be lost when it is regenerated.

    Description of the 'warden' table for MaNGOSZero

    This table contains the Warden Anti-cheat system checks.

    Table Notes

    This table uses the 'MyISAM' DB Engine

    The Field definitions follow:

    Field Name Field Type Nullable Key Default Value Attributes Notes
    id smallint(5) unsigned NO PRI NULL 'auto_increment' Unique Identifier
    groupid smallint(5) unsigned NO NULL   Grouped Check ID
    build smallint(5) unsigned NO NULL   Build Number
    type tinyint(3) unsigned YES NULL   Check Type
    data varchar(48) NO {Blank String}    
    str varchar(20) NO {Blank String}    
    address int(10) unsigned NO '0'    
    length tinyint(3) unsigned NO '0'    
    result varchar(24) NO {Blank String}    
    comment varchar(50) YES {Blank String}   A description of what the check does

    Description of the fields

    id smallint(5) unsigned

    Unique Identifier

    groupid smallint(5) unsigned

    The Grouped Check ID, this should be unique per check and build

    build smallint(5) unsigned

    This is the build number that warden should check against.

    type tinyint(3) unsigned

    The type of check performed:

    Check Type Type (Hex) Type (Dec) Notes
    MEM_CHECK 0xF3 243 byte moduleNameIndex + uint Offset + byte Len (check to ensure memory isn't modified)
    PAGE_CHECK_A 0xB2 178 uint Seed + byte[20] SHA1 + uint Addr + byte Len (scans all pages for specified hash)
    PAGE_CHECK_B 0xBF 191 uint Seed + byte[20] SHA1 + uint Addr + byte Len (scans only pages starts with MZ+PE headers for specified hash)
    MPQ_CHECK 0x98 152 byte fileNameIndex (check to ensure MPQ file isn't modified)
    LUA_STR_CHECK 0x8B 139 byte luaNameIndex (check to ensure LUA string isn't used)
    DRIVER_CHECK 0x71 113 uint Seed + byte[20] SHA1 + byte driverNameIndex (check to ensure driver isn't loaded)
    TIMING_CHECK 0x57 87 empty (check to ensure GetTickCount() isn't detoured)
    PROC_CHECK 0x7E 126 uint Seed + byte[20] SHA1 + byte moluleNameIndex + byte procNameIndex + uint Offset + byte Len (check to ensure proc isn't detoured)
    MODULE_CHECK 0xD9 217 uint Seed + byte[20] SHA1 (check to ensure module isn't injected)

    data varchar(48)

    str varchar(20)

    address int(10) unsigned

    length tinyint(3) unsigned

    result varchar(24)

    comment varchar(50)

    A description of what the check does

    auto-generated by the getMaNGOS.eu MAGNET dbdocs module

    Edited by Antz

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