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     NOTE:  This page is auto-generated from the MAGNET Online Packet documentation Editor module (MOPE),
                 Any changes made directly to this page will be lost when it is regenerated.

    Description of the MangosOne packet CMSG_AUTH_SESSION


    Packet generated by the client as an answer to SMSG_AUTH_CHALLENGE. Many fields are in reversed byte order.

    Opcode Values

    Description Value
    Decimal Value 493
    Hex Value 0x01ED
    Packet Length 248* - Length can vary


    Packet Structure Follows:

    Field Name Field Type Field Size Notes
    Opcode uint8 8 The Opcode that identifies the current packet.
    Error uint8 8 Error Code. (Ignored 0x02)
    Size uint16 16 The size of the rest of the packet excluding the previous fields
    GameName uint32 (default) 32 4 Bytes containing the name of the game WoW\0
    GameVersion uint32 (default) 32 3 Bytes containing the version of the game (0x01,0x0C,0x00)
    GameBuild uint16 16 The Build number of the client
    Platform uint32 (default) 32 Client Platform Name (x86/0). The format was reversed in TBC and later clients
    OperationSystem uint32 (default) 32 Client OS Name (Win\0). The format was reversed in TBC and later clients
    Area uint32 (default) 32 Client Area / Localization (enUS). The format was reversed in TBC and later clients
    ClientIP uint32 (default) 32 Client IP (got locally)
    AccountNameLen uint8 8 Length of account name (\0) terminator included.
    AccountName string 0 Account Name


    Packet Example

    {CLIENT} Packet: (0x01ED) CMSG_AUTH_SESSION PacketSize = 178
    |00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F |0123456789ABCDEF|
    |00 B0 ED 01 00 00 F3 16 00 00 00 00 00 00 52 5A |..............RZ|
    |39 35 30 00 E1 A0 F8 B7 BA 1E 5B E1 BF A3 A4 04 |950.......[.....|
    |B1 C9 34 9D 30 EC 89 E8 FB 6C EB 13 56 01 00 00 |..4.0....l..V...|
    |78 9C 75 CC BD 0E C2 30 0C 04 E0 F2 1E BC 0C 61 |x.u....0.......a|
    |40 95 C8 42 C3 8C 4C E2 22 0B C7 A9 8C CB 4F 9F |@..B..L.".....O.|
    |1E 16 24 06 73 EB 77 77 81 69 59 40 CB 69 33 67 |[email protected]|
    |A3 26 C7 BE 5B D5 C7 7A DF 7D 12 BE 16 C0 8C 71 |.&..[..z.}.....q|
    |24 E4 12 49 A8 C2 E4 95 48 0A C9 C5 3D D8 B6 7A |$..I....H...=..z|
    |06 4B F8 34 0F 15 46 73 67 BB 38 CC 7A C7 97 8B |.K.4..Fsg.8.z...|
    |BD DC 26 CC FE 30 42 D6 E6 CA 01 A8 B8 90 80 51 |..&..0B........Q|
    |FC B7 A4 50 70 B8 12 F3 3F 26 41 FD B5 37 90 19 |...Pp...?&A..7..|
    |66 8F                                           |f.              |

    auto-generated by the getMaNGOS.eu MAGNET mope module

    Edited by Antz

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