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    What are MMaps?

    "MMaps" is an abbreviation for "Movement Maps." They essentially handle the movement of creature path-finding and paths on a particular map.

    What do they do to improve things ?

    In simple terms, they will prevent creatures and npcs from passing through the map (I.E. running through a hill, a tree, or a wall).

    How do they manage that ?

    • MMaps load individual tiles for individual areas of each map. By doing so, it forces the creature movement on the maps to obey a set of rules.
    • By establishing these "rules", it prevents creatures from passing through these "tiles", which creates the effect of creatures understanding their environmental surroundings.
    • This also enforces LOS (Line of Sight) when a creature is in combat.

    As you can see, this is a very important addition to the Core, as they enhance many aspects of overall game-play.

    For more information, see: navmesh

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