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  • VMap Files



    Vmaps stands for MaNGOS WoW Vertex Map Physics Info and are used to implement vertical clipping related issues. They are required for spells, which require the caster to have its target in line of sight and random movement generators (fear for example).

    They are extracted from the client and will be stored in a MaNGOS own format.


    The generation takes place in two steps.

    First, all important WMO files are exported from the MPQ files and written to the buildings subdirectory.

    Additionally a file containing information about the positions of these WMOs in the world is generated from ADT files and will be written to the buildings folder.

    In a second step, these information are assembled to .vmap and .vmdir file.

    Extracted WMO format

    The extracted wmo files in the Buildings subdirectory have a special format - they arenot to be mixed up with the client internal format of the same name.

    byte[8] magic "VMAPxxx"
    uint32 nVectors
    uint32 nGroups
    nGroups times:
    uint32 liqudflags
    uint32 "GRP "
    uint32 moba_size
    uint32 moba_batch
    uint32 mobaex
    uint32 "INDX"
    uint32 wsize
    uint32 nIndexes
    nIndexes times:
    float[3] movt
    uint32 "VERT"
    uint32 wsize
    uint32 nVertices
    nVertices times:
    float[3] vertice
    uint32 "LIQU"
    uint32 LiqExsize
    uint32 hlq_xverts
    uint32 hlq_yverts
    LiquidEx_size/4 times:
    float LiquidEx


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