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  • Mangos Online Packet Editor (MOPE)


    Since Mangos was first devised, the knowledge behind the packets sending information to and from the server has always been kept under wraps.

    - Anyone asking about information was normally told to 'go look in the code for details'

    I have long hated this so called cloak and dagger ideal as it harms the community greatly when people who have that information move on.

    I have therefore decided to create a Central Packet Knowledge System which covers all the versions of Wow.

    On that end I have set up a central Database, along with a small application to assist in populating this DB. The eventual goal is to extract all the relevant information back out and populate the Wiki with the information.

    The project is only in it's alpha stage, so any help testing or entering information would be greatly appreciated. Please contact @antz for a copy of the App plus log in credentials.


    This is main log in screen.



    A blank search is automatically done for you, the selected core is Classic by default.

    Click on a packet entry opens up the Edit Packet Screen


    This contains various information about the packet as well as the packet field definitions.

    Double-clicking on a field will open the field definition screen.


    This screen allows you to enter as much field information is you can, optionally you can also adjust which core this field is valid for (out of a maximum of the cores using this packet). This allows for different fields / field order based on the core it's used for.


    You can also use searches to filter the main list of packets.

    Edited by antz

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    Just realized that the project name is misguiding. If I understand correctly, this is an editor for documentation (description) of the packets, not for the packets itself.

    Also, you have no need to port C# code to Linux. There is the .NET port "mono", containing both the compilator and the execution medium for JIT binaries. I've executed the JIT binaries generated under Win by the VS for "any CPU", on a Linux system under mono with no issue.

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