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  • Quest 702 sequence bugged...

    • Status: Completed
      Main Category: Quests
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      Version: 2.0.11 Milestone: 20 Priority: Normal
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Quest 702 sequence bugged...

    This may be a script issue, not sure. When turning in 702, the Orc speaks instead of emoting. It says something like "%s feels the power rush through him..." instead of emoting it.

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    The [B][COLOR="#800080"]CompleteScript [/COLOR][/B]field of the [B]quest_template [/B]table contains: 702, so definitely could be a scripting issue.

    This points to 5 entries in the [B]dbscripts_on_quest_end [/B]table, each with a delay that results in the scripts being executed is sequence.

    I'll look at this properly tomorrow... chill time :D

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    Here are the scripts it runs in sequence, once the quest is considered completed:

    1) [B]Cast spell[/B]: 4153 - "Imbues target's spirit with bestial guile." - taken from the [B][COLOR="#0000FF"]Spell.dbc[/COLOR][/B] file
    2) [B]Talk[/B]: What is this power that flows through me? Is this the power of shamanism that Tor'gan spoke of...?
    3) [B]Talk[/B]: %s watches as his blood begins to stir, and the guile of the raptor slips through him.
    4) [B]Emote[/B]: 15 ?????
    5) [B]Talk[/B]: Amazing! I feel... renewed. My strength returns!

    It looks like (3) should not actually be spoken by the NPC. I'll have a look at the [B]dbscripts_on_quest_end [/B]wiki entry to see if we can make it appear not as spoken text, but as the other thingy whats'it ... brain fail!!!

    I have no idea what emote 15 is. I'll see if I can find out.
    The form of the text output is specified in the [B]db_script_string[/B] table, [B][COLOR="#800080"]type[/COLOR][/B] field.

    [B]dbscripts_on_quest_end[/B] ([B][COLOR="#800080"]dataint[/COLOR][/B]) -> [B]db_script_sctring[/B] ([B][COLOR="#800080"]Entry[/COLOR][/B])

    with a choice of:
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]0 CHAT_TYPE_SAY ‘white’ text
    1 CHAT_TYPE_YELL ‘red’ text
    2 CHAT_TYPE_TEXT_EMOTE ‘brown’ small emote-text
    3 CHAT_TYPE_BOSS_EMOTE ‘big yellow’ emote-text displayed in the center of the screen
    4 CHAT_TYPE_WHISPER whisper, needs a target
    5 CHAT_TYPE_BOSS_WHISPER whipser, needs a target
    6 CHAT_TYPE_ZONE_YELL ‘red’ text, displayed to everyone in the zone[/COLOR]

    I'm going to try 2, CHAT_TYPE_TEXT_EMOTE

    [B][SIZE=3][COLOR="#008000"]D'oh, silly me!!!! That is the answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]
    confuzzled by terminolgy!!!!!!!!

    The text will now be emoted!!!!!!!!!!

    [B][COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE db_script_string SET `type`='2' WHERE `entry`='2000000115';[/COLOR][/B]


    [COLOR="#FF0000"]Looking at the [B]db_script_string[/B] table, I can see other text entries that should be emoted are actually set to be spoken by the NPC. I'll extend this fix to include all of the offending records.[/COLOR]
    I'm a tad busy at the mo, so will have at this later :)

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    Thanks, Xenithar. I'll have a play with that those emotes :)


    [B][COLOR="#008000"]THE FIX[/COLOR][/B]
    [B][COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE db_script_string SET `type`='2' where content_default like "%\%s%" and type = 0;[/COLOR][/B]

    [B][SIZE=3][COLOR="#008000"]Pull Request has now been made with the fix:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]


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