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  • Stun spells (Polymorph, Sap, Fear, succubus Seduction and other)

    • Status: Completed
      Main Category: Database
      Sub-Category: Spell
      Version: 21.2 Milestone: 21 Priority: Normal
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Stun spells (Polymorph, Sap, Fear, succubus Seduction and other)

    All stun spells are working wrong. Polymorph, Sap and other abilites are working on npc only 5-10 seconds.

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    It is due to [URL="https://www.getmangos.eu/issue.php?issueid=424"]implementation of Heartbeat Resist[/URL]. So, Polymorph fades off usually between 20th and 30th seconds, and sometimes faster. It was said it's blizzlike for Zero only.

    A better formula to determine the timings is welcome.

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    Thank you. I was too glad for the SPELL_ATTR_HEARTBEAT_RESIST_CHECK spell attribute found recently by the TC team, and switched off involved unit type checks. It turns to be an error.

    Since I introduced this bug, [URL="https://github.com/mangoszero/server/pull/35"]here[/URL] is the correcting PR.

    P.S. However, the PvE heartbeat resist is a topic requiring research. AFAIK there exists some.

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