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  • Journeyman Riding

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    Journeyman Riding

    it seems like my level 41 dwarf paladin does not have the option to learn journeyman riding skill from the trainer at amberstill ranch like he should. I can file a bug report over at github as well if that is preferred. Thanks.

    Taken from [URL="http://www.covenant-wow.com/forums/index.php?topic=153.0"]Covenant-Wow[/URL]

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    [quote=ROCKWAR]I created a dwarf hunter at level 20 and they send me a letter to go to the riding skill trainer from the ambarstill ranch, but does not give me the option.[/quote]


    If you don't have the required reputation with Stormwind you won't be able to train there, instead you need to head to the trainer in Dun Morough

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    You were right, you learn riding according to reputation, made ​​in .
    But testing, I realize that in the pit of saron stay, I can not ride my horse; I need to level up my skills to stay on this ride?

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