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  • gameobjects that should be pooled

    • Status: In Progress
      Main Category: Database
      Sub-Category: Looting
      Version: 21.14 (Master Branch) Milestone: 21 (Current) Priority: Low
      Related to:
      Implemented Version: 21.14 (Master Branch)
      Assigned: Necrovoice

    There are a bunch of collections of "Water Barrel" and "Food Crate" that spawn on top of each other. I believe the correct behaviour should be spawning as object pools instead.

    One instance of this issue was fixed in relation to this post:

    But there are multiple instance of this issue.

    # guid, id, map, position_x, position_y, position_z
    '30758', '3719', '0', '-9729.42', '656.299', '31.8338'
    '29275', '3658', '0', '-9729.42', '656.299', '31.8338'
    '32313', '3658', '0', '-9500.53', '81.368', '57.4601'
    '32754', '3719', '0', '-9500.53', '81.368', '57.4601'
    '30839', '3719', '0', '-9458.53', '8.58518', '56.9626'
    '30677', '3658', '0', '-9458.53', '8.58518', '56.9626'
    '30687', '3719', '0', '-9258.88', '355.379', '76.693'
    '29276', '3658', '0', '-9258.88', '355.379', '76.693'
    '10677', '3719', '0', '-5569.67', '-462.497', '402.397'
    '1462', '3658', '0', '-5569.67', '-462.497', '402.397'
    '29306', '3719', '0', '-5470.22', '-636.681', '393.521'
    '29609', '3658', '0', '-5470.22', '-636.681', '393.521'

    These can be found with the following query:

        mangos0.gameobject go1
        mangos0.gameobject go2 ON (go1.position_x = go2.position_x
            AND go1.position_y = go2.position_y
            AND go1.position_z = go2.position_z
            AND go1.guid <> go2.guid)
        go1.id IN (3658 , 3719)
            AND go2.id IN (3658 , 3719)
            order by go1.position_x;


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    Here we are. This is the fix your query results. I ran it on all three cores and lucky for me, they share a common guid. :) 
    Zero - Rel21_14_093
    One - Rel21_09_031
    Two- Rel21_07_033

    Thanks for reporting this and also offering your script for use in this matter. It was a huge help and saved a load of time.

    NOTE: Leaving this open for a bit as a work in progress. Just in case a few are found that have a variation in their x,y,z locations that the query was unable to account for.
    Also moving this to cross-core section as it seems this issue is well.... cross-core for the most part :P 

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    Changed Status to In Progress

    Changed Implemented Version to 21.14 (Master Branch)

    Changed Milestone to 21 (Current)

    Changed Priority to Low

    Changed Main Category to Database

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