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  1. I am having issues completing the quest "CLUCK!". select * from mangos0.quest_template q where q.entry=3861; It is being triggered by emoting "/chicken" repeatedly at chickens in Westfall. At some point the chicken becomes a quest giver. To complete the quest "CLUCK!" you need to have "Special Chicken Feed" in your inventory, which can be bought from "Farmer Saldean" in Westfall. select * from mangos0.item_template i where i.entry=11109; But for some reason it is not possible to complete the quest, even with the correct items in your inventory. I have attached a screenshot shovin
  2. I have made the following local workaround. delete from mangos0.db_scripts where script_guid in (1403,1798); These scripts remove and add the UNIT_NPC_FLAG_GOSSIP and UNIT_NPC_FLAG_QUESTGIVER from "Hegnar Rumbleshot". This makes it possible to complete the quest without having to wait for all the mortar team scripts to complete. I still think the triggers for the mortar team are wrong, but can not figure out how to make it trigger from completing the quest. So this is the only workaround I have been able to come out with for now.
  3. Shouldn't the script select * from db_scripts where id=1061003; Be triggered by the end of the quest "Ammo for Rumbleshot"? SELECT * FROM mangos0.quest_template where entry=5541; And not start playing just because players are near?
  4. It looks like the script controlling the group of dwarves around "Hegnar Rumbleshot" is interfering with the CMSG_QUESTGIVER_STATUS_QUERY message. As soon as the scripted event with the mortar crew ends, then the CMSG_QUESTGIVER_STATUS_QUERY opcode is received and handled. This also fits with what the log shows. 2018-10-11 22:09:24 DB-SCRIPTS: Process table `db_scripts [type = 3]` id 1061003, command 29 for source Creature (Entry: 10610 Guid: 269) (in world), target Creature (Entry: 10610 Guid: 269) (in world) 2018-10-11 22:09:24 WORLD: Received opcode CMSG_QUESTGIVER_STATUS_QUERY - for Pl
  5. When trying to turn in the quest "Ammo for Rumbleshot" it took a very long time, over a minute, of me standing around next to the quest turn in NPC "Hegnar Rumbleshot", before the golden quest "?" icon appeared over his head and I could turn in the quest. In the server log I saw this message at the time where I could finally turn in the quest: WORLD: Received opcode CMSG_QUESTGIVER_STATUS_QUERY - for Player Rune (Guid: 6) to Creature (Entry: 1243 Guid: 265) How come this update took so long? If I didn't know that this was actually the correct quest turn in NPC, I would probably jus
  6. There are a bunch of collections of "Water Barrel" and "Food Crate" that spawn on top of each other. I believe the correct behaviour should be spawning as object pools instead. One instance of this issue was fixed in relation to this post: But there are multiple instance of this issue. # guid, id, map, position_x, position_y, position_z '30758', '3719', '0', '-9729.42', '656.299', '31.8338' '29275', '3658', '0', '-9729.42', '656.299', '31.8338' '32313', '3658', '0', '-9500.53', '81.368', '57.4601' '32754', '3719', '0', '-9500.53', '81.368', '57.4601' '30839', '3719',
  7. I will create a bug and create a script that extracts all the duplicate objects.
  8. By the way, I can see you only fixed the specific example I gave here, but there are many other instances of this issue in the data. So it would probably make sense to have a script that finds and fix them all.
  9. I downgraded my database to MySQL 5.7, as I presume that MySQL 8.0 is not supported yet. But I could not really find any specific MySQL version requirements anywhere.
  10. Very cool, thanks for the quick fix I can confirm that it fixed it.
  11. I see multiple instances of different gameobjects being spawned on top of each other. For example a "Water Barrel" and "Food Create" both spawning at the exact same position. Is this just because there is no way to spawn a random object from a list of possible objects, or is this an actual error? This is one example: SELECT * FROM mangos0.gameobject where guid in(1462,10677); These are next to Tharek Blackstone in Kharanos.
  12. During mangosd startup I noticed the following sql error in the log: 2018-09-23 20:57:23 ERROR:SQL: SELECT group_instance.leaderGuid, instance FROM group_instance LEFT JOIN characters ON group_instance.leaderGuid = characters.guid LEFT JOIN groups ON group_instance.leaderGuid = groups.leaderGuid WHERE characters.guid IS NULL OR groups.leaderGuid IS NULL 2018-09-23 20:57:23 ERROR:query ERROR: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'groups ON group_instance.leaderGuid = groups.leaderGuid WHERE c
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