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  • [ZERO] Compilation Of Bugs from players of [WoW-Scape]

    • Status: devacknowledged
      Main Category: Core / Mangos Daemon
      Sub-Category: Show Stopper
      Version: 21.0 Milestone: 21 Priority: Normal
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    [ZERO] Compilation Of Bugs from players of [WoW-Scape]

    [*]the Lifegiving Gem does not heal and increase my health by 15%
    [*]Visual bug:
    *Stunned players keep runing in a straight line, making it hard to understand where they actually are
    *Talent Reckoning is not working as intended. It only stores 1 extra hit (It should store 4 extra hits)

    [*]Temple of Ahn'Qiraj:
    *Twins encounter bosses are not linked, you can only pull one of them at a time.
    *The Eye of C'Thun does not disappear in the Twins room.
    *Ouro doesn't spawn.

    [*]Blackrock Depths:
    *The Ring of Law event is not working.
    *Pulling Emperor doesn't make the room to guard him.

    *The 'Rat event' between gates does not work.

    [*]The Argent Dawn:
    *You can not pick up another Argent Dawn Commission (ID:12846) after you have destroyed one. (From the same questgiver, haven't tested if you can still recieve it from another questgiver.)
    [*]using /logout while inside an inn will make you wait 20 seconds still
    [*]Shield slam cannot be used unless the target has a magic effect on them.

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    Spell related issues are related to how the core handles DBC values from the spell DBC's and should be addressed there accordingly.
    Movement related issues, like the stunned players still moving should also be handled within the movement handler itself.

    Instance related issues can and will be addressed through new instance scripts once we get Eluna added into all the different Mangos version, as well as work out a few needed features. I will then be forming a collaborating group of mangos developers and seasoned Eluna scripters to go through all the content and create new and up to date scripts. This also includes quests, events, etc.

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    The movement during stun, is fixable Eluna? Its a core issue i'm looking to fix aswell. I made a post with detailed information about it aswell : [url]https://www.getmangos.eu/issue.php?issueid=130[/url]

    Would be awesome if someone designs a fix for this.

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    The Engineering Bugs I have found so far:

    Explosive Sheep do not engage the enemy and explode.

    Target Dummies follow the player around and do not generate the agro like they should. Although I did have one run out and chase an elite down.. was really odd to see a box sliding across the ground waving.

    I will see what else I can find.



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