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  • Bolt Charged Bramble can't get

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    Bolt Charged Bramble can't get


    As the title says,Bolt Charged Bramble can't get

    Get a Bolt Charged Bramble. To get one of those, gather 10 Witherbark Totem Sticks from the Witherbark Trolls of the Arathi Highlands. Bring the sticks to the Circle of Outer Binding, a circle of stones in those same highlands. Place the sticks on the center stone in the circle and wait for lightning to strike it. When it does, the Bolt Charged Bramble will be formed

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    Right-clicking the 10 Witherbark Totem Sticks you cast a spell which creates the gameobject Witherbark Totem Bundle (174764) above the stone. This gameobject however is not lootable.

    Interestingly there is a gameobject with the name Bolt Charged Bramble (103662) from which you CAN loot the item with the same name. This gameobject however is not spawned by the spell (9055) with effect_1_misc_value of 174764.
    There is also another spell in the DBC right after 9055, 9056. This spell summons the actual Bolt Charged Bramble (but not above the stone like it should), lootable and ready. This spell only consumes 1 Witherbark Totem Stick, is instant cast, and does not require the stone.

    So we have the spell (9055) which summons an unlootable WitherBark Totem Bundle (174764) object and requires to be near the stone and 9 Witherbark Totem Sticks. And the spell (9056) which summons a lootable Bolt Charged Bramble, which requires 1 Witherbark Totem Stick. Only thing left is to find a way to put both spells together.

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    The TRAP object (103661) which is also summoned by the spell (9055) triggered by the item (7273) has a data2 (diameter) value of 0. It is my guess that the TRAP object is therefor not in range of the player and cannot cast the spell (9056). I have come up with a fix which works, but I am not sure it is the correct way of handling things.

    Execute the following SQL statement on your mangos database to fix:
    data2 = 10
    entry = 103661;


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