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  1. Thank you for this kind message. I share your view that together we could achieve more. We all have talented teams who dedicate a lot of their free time to the World of Warcraft emulation scene. The only common challenge at least for classic is availability of data. I wasn't around back then but I feel it's a shame that there ever was rivalry. I guess it stems from the time when there was money to be made from a private server. Having your server be just a little bit better so people would flock to it. I sincerely hope that period has passed and what's left are enthusiasts who wish t
  2. bdebaere


    This is in general missing for a lot of talents. The spell_affect table has 250 records currently. If a talent has no effect, it could be that this info is missing.
  3. bdebaere


    Added example usage of spell_affect and clarified description.
  4. This is not the only Burning Crusade thing which was in code or database. I wasn't around then but it could be that Mangos zero was backported from one of the later expansions.
  5. Flying does not work in Mangos zero (vanilla) as it did not exist then.
  6. ANY mount can be used in that instance. It is the only vanilla instance where mounts are allowed, because of its size.
  7. Changed Status to Unconfirmed Changed Assigned to bdebaere Changed Implemented Version to 22.1 Changed Milestone to 24 Changed Priority to New / Assign Priority
  8. Changed Status to Cannot Reproduce Changed Implemented Version to 22.1 Changed Milestone to 24 Changed Priority to New / Assign Priority
  9. This works. You probably did not go deep enough into the mine. https://ibb.co/jGvB55
  10. What about multiple ranks? Do you have info on that?
  11. Last I checked this works now: https://ibb.co/kK0KQ5 https://ibb.co/nhLKQ5
  12. We can work on it together, add me on Skype.
  13. This is wrong in the dbc itself. We have two choices here: create and maintain a separate table with fixes for Spell.dbc or add an exception in code.
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