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  1. I've just uploaded a video on youtube, all mounts are affected. To reach point B from point A it takes around 22 seconds with an epic mount To reach point A from point B it takes around 18 seconds with .mod aspeed 2 https://youtu.be/t2BKtSYdOPM
  2. The title explains the bug I founded. The normal mount gives 40% speed and the epic 60% instead of 60% for normals and 100% for epics. I'm using the latest release.
  3. Vanilla WOW doesn't support titles natively. It would not be Blizzlike.
  4. I googled it for a while. I can confirm that the quest was not available during tbc. There are several video of this quest from wotlk ahead but none in the tbc era.
  5. I don't know exactly what to say except that during the first encounter of BWL the server crashes. The encounter itself seems bad scripted tho. Logs are attached ElunaErrors.log scriptdev3-errors.log warden.log world-database.log world-eventai.log world-packets.log world-server.log
  6. On R21 with latest updates the Ragnaros Event is not scripted properly. - Majordomo has several choice to start the event, this should not happen. I tried this event two times. - Majordomo is attacked by Ragnaros via Melee - The audios and texts are not syncronized. - Majordomo dies inside of Ragnaros. You can find more details in the video.
  7. On R21 with latest updates you are not able to open the lucifron's chest after you've defeated him. It's showed only once in the video but I tried several times.
  8. On R21.11 Latest Official Release Baron Geddon, a Boss of Molten Core, doesn't have proper HP and he's suuuuuper slow. The Boss seems, however, scripted properly, I think it's just a DB error.
  9. In Wailing Caverns, after the last mutant Boss you can start the Escort Event in order to kill the last secret Boss of the Dungeon. To make it happen you have to talk with the Disciple of Naralex that awaits you at the beginning of the Dungeon. Once you talk to him the Event starts but I just found that it has 2 perfectly equal options. It's surely not a game-breaking bug but it worth a mention. Plus, if you talk to him before you killed the last boss he says: "Greetings, $N.". Now, I don't remember what the correct text was but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Greetings.
  10. I can either confirm that is fixed with the latest update Thank you for your amazing work!
  11. Hi there, I just compiled a new core using the guide that is available in the wiki so I'm using the latest official version available. The installation was flawless, I'm actually using a PC with Windows 10 Anniversary Edition and I compiled the server with Visual Studio 2015 in 64 bit. There are some minor bugs here and there but the one that afflict the Undercity's Elevators is a huge one! I don't know what's causing it, I tried to change the Gobject orientation but after some seconds the elevators come back in the wrong position, I also tried a fresh installation but the problem was still there. Luckily, only 2 of 3 elevators don't work as intented but man, this is serious, it need to be addressed. In the following video I'm going to show it, please, ignore the guards and the doors, they're there for players. EDIT: Corrected some grammar errors.
  12. Ottimo! Sono proprio contento delle scelte da voi attuate! Come posso aiutare? In che sezione devo andare? Per le guide intendo le varie guide di Windows, ti dicono ancora di installare Visual Studio 2008! Ci vorrebbe un ri-ordine generale secondo me. Io comunque avevo un'idea molto carina per un server che ben si sposerebbe con l'operazione di traduzione, ti ho inviato un PM col mio Skype, magari ci facciamo una chiaccherata a voce
  13. Ciao, l'idea di tradurre le vecchie versioni di wow era saltata in mente anche a me. Tuttavia non tradurrei mai i nomi degli oggetti e degli npc e credo che questo sia un punto da discutere. Si preferisce una traduzione letterale? Si preferisce seguire la traduzione della Blizzard? I nomi van mantenuti o cambiati? Per esempio, Thunderfury, The Blessed Blade Of The Windseeker diventa: Thunderfury, la Spada Benedetta Del Cercatore di Vento o Furia Tonante, la Spada Benedetta Del Cercatore di Vento? Io personalmente preferisco la prima traduzione. Tuttavia questo dubbio si estende a ogni singolo nome esistente nel database. Se c'è una cosa che non ho proprio gradito in MOP è stata la traduzione di tutti i nomi, hanno tolto un pezzo di storia di colpo. Per esempio, tradurre le città: Undercity come dovrebbe diventare? Sepulcra? La Città Sotteranea? Non è meglio mantenere Undercity? Io comunque sono disponibile alla traduzione e alla riorganizzazione delle varie guide (sono bravo a organizzare le cose ^^) Saluti!

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