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  1. Mangos only supports the last patch of each expansion. You can try this sandbox for older versions https://github.com/barncastle/AIO-Sandbox Also patch 1.0 was never live, according to Blizzard it was a broken build, and there was a day one patch on release. First playable live version was 1.1.
  2. I guess you could manually delete it after connecting yourself, and then re-add it whenever you want to login.
  3. 1. Auto follow does not work if game is running at more than 60 fps. You need to have a 60 hz monitor and enable Vertical Sync. If your monitor is running at more than 60 hz, then you can't fix it. 2. Use HeidiSQL to make a second realm entry in the `realmlist` table of the `realmd` database. For the first realm put the public ip of the host machine in the `address` field, and for the second realm put Your friend will use the realm entry with the real ip, while you use the one with the loopback ip. There will only be 1 realm in reality, but there will be two options on the list
  4. Most private servers provide a client download link, check on their websites. You need a standard 1.12.1 client.
  5. Here is a working registration page for mangos zero. htdocs.rar
  6. Look at your query, you are selecting only the `date` column, yet are trying to get data from fields 1 and 2 afterwards...
  7. The command works on the elysium core, maybe you can port their implementation. https://github.com/elysium-project/server/blob/5207b439a5a7c39be50b86d02f26f5ac51b4c476/src/game/Commands/Level3.cpp#L5282
  8. Faction Leaders such as Thrall should show "Leader" and "PvP" on the tooltip when you mouse over them. Source: https://youtu.be/YcEqpVfrE7U?t=55m37s
  9. The text that is supposed to be shown only when the quest is incomplete, is shown for completed quests too. The issue comes from the fact that "RequestItemsText" field is used for two different things. Obviously like its name implies, it is used to hold the text that is displayed when a quest requires certain items, but for quests that don't have an item requirement, it holds the incomplete quest text. That text is not supposed to be shown if the quest is complete, as is obvious from every old retail video. An easy to test example is the Cutting Teeth quest in the orc starting zone:
  10. The structure of the SMSG_QUESTGIVER_QUEST_DETAILS packet is wrong. You can see here that the emotes are not included at all: https://github.com/mangoszero/server/blob/d0a4af096e528533044e7029446d1c5c9e98a16c/src/game/WorldHandlers/GossipDef.cpp#L422 These are the emotes that are played by the quest giver when he offers you a quest. DetailsEmotes do exist in vanilla, so the structure of the packet must be fixed to send the emotes. Some examples: https://youtu.be/jTSyexUNN9E?t=1m21s Kaltunk does a talk emote when offering the quest. https://youtu.be/jTSyexUNN9E?t=27m47s
  11. The npc Terenthis (id 3693) should not have a weapon. Currently he has an axe. Proof: https://youtu.be/_S8TMimuYxU?t=2m https://youtu.be/nSSOfjaTiTI?t=5m53s
  12. The quest "Deaths in the Family" (354) should not have a previous quest requirement. Currently it requires "The Haunted Mills" (362). Proof: https://youtu.be/CVeijybDMN0?t=8m40s https://youtu.be/8dNMBWh2wxY?t=9m27s You can see in the videos that both quests are offered to the player simultaneously. That is impossible if one quest requires the other.
  13. Nazgrel is spawned in the wrong spot. He should be on the other side of the room. Video proof - https://youtu.be/YcEqpVfrE7U?t=55m31s Also, the quest The Admiral's Orders part 2 (id 831) should be turned in to him in vanilla, not to Vol'Jin. This can be seen in the video. The objective and details text for the quest should also be updated to say Nazgrel where it says Vol'jin. You can see the text here - https://youtu.be/YcEqpVfrE7U?t=10m21s Pause the video to read because he turns it in fast. He also has the gossip npcflag (1) in the database, but in the video it goes straight to the
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