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Is it possible to reset item templates?

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Pretty new to all this private server stuff. A while ago I was playing around with some of the custom sql bat files and tried the one to remove honor rank requirements for PVP items. I didn't remember to restore my db files to how they were and have since played with some friends on the server for a few weeks.

Is there a way to restore the item templates to what they were without resetting our progress?

I was looking at the Reset World Database batch file but can't make out exactly what it resets. If its everything including character progress or just the general world template stuff.


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Sounds like you are using my repack. You should know you are in the wrong forum, the getmangos project has nothing to do with the repack, it is not based on this core.
To answer your question, the batch script resets only the world database, it wont delete characters and accounts.

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