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  1. This appears to only happen to certain people at random times, what will happen is a player will connect and authenticate but get's disconnected immediately and sometimes it will take the user to the character screen and display a disconnected from server message even though he is still at the character screen (should be kicked back to login screen)... Clicking the change realm button then selecting a realm will kick the user back to the login screen with disconnected from server. I also found that when a player is attempting to connect (that unfortunately gets this issue) the server will print: mangos>WorldSocket::HandleAuthSession: client 5875, unk2 0, account <snipped>, clientseed 3885476293 WorldSocket::HandleAuthSession: (s,v) check s: B6424EBD0663E4DECEE2ACFCBA669C9AA8064A214CC9787CE1F4456B3D0FB1EB v: 376AFBED6BAC240EEC3CA806C1ABC1962556323FF8AED467F44477CA1D7F0794 WorldSocket::HandleAuthSession: Client '<snipped>' authenticated successfully from <snipped>. Server side warden for client 5 (build 5875) initializing... C->S Key: BAEE44990BFE015BAD9173E2D6C61DEC S->C Key: 7E23B0E5A0AAB4DCB00770516444D4C3 Seed: 4D808D2C77D905C41A6380EC08586AFE Loading Module... Module Key: AE25BC51063B77BD363C3EFE0FC173F9 Module ID: 79C0768D657977D697E10BAD956CCED1 Request module Server Population (0.004000). <none> (latency: 0, IP: <snipped>) exceeded Warden module response delay on state STATE_REQUESTED_MODULE for more than 10m - disconnecting client This doesn't print to the logs, only seems to be visible in the server console itself... The only fix I could find that works for a limited time before it happens to someone else is by restarting the realm.
  2. Hi, @Forereaper found a script for this (https://pastebin.com/uMytJaE2), I'm just waiting for it to be implemented currently. :-)
  3. Hi, I noticed that in many towns and cities the bells in them do not toll like they should every hour, I know that on cmangos there is an event called "Hourly Bells" which triggers the bells in these cities and towns to toll, I was thinking maybe you could implement that event into the database, I'm not 100% sure if this requires some core stuff but I just thought I'd put this here anyway.
  4. Hi, Is there any previous downloads of the mangos zero server WITHOUT playerbots? I know you can disable it but I don't want them at all.
  5. Why would the command even exist if it wasn't such thing? .-.
  6. Basically /gm fly on/off does not work, it says ''Syntax: .gm fly [on/off]Enable/disable gm fly mode. I think I'm on version 21.. because I typed /server info and it says 21..

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