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  • Game Master Fly Bug

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    Basically /gm fly on/off does not work, it says ''Syntax: .gm fly [on/off]Enable/disable gm fly mode.


    I think I'm on version 21.. because I typed /server info and it says 21..

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    2 hours ago, bdebaere said:

    Flying does not work in Mangos zero (vanilla) as it did not exist then.

    It's a quite popular opinion. It even looks true because on TBC/WotLK with "official" flying, there was no one in pre-TBC zones. But, do you really think the blizz GMs had been walking? Or, they used a special non-public client build with additional features enabled?

    The fact is that the client handles somehow many packets marked in Opcodes.h as CHEAT (like MSG_MOVE_TELEPORT_CHEAT, MSG_MOVE_TOGGLE_COLLISION_CHEAT, MSG_MOVE_TOGGLE_GRAVITY_CHEAT, SMSG_GODMODE so on). The second fact is that the movement system of the MangosZero does not believe in any flight possibility, having also a lot of undescribed MoveFlag's. I was told about implementations of such flying, smth on the swim flag; I doubt strongly that they are blizzlike in the terms of packet sequence.

    Despite of this knowledge, I'm unable to implement the mechanic now. So, the answer above will hold until someone more knowledgeable disproves it.

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    5 hours ago, LewisPotato said:

    Why would the command even exist if it wasn't such thing? .-.

    This is not the only Burning Crusade thing which was in code or database. I wasn't around then but it could be that Mangos zero was backported from one of the later expansions.

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    Their movement system looks here and there more elaborated than Zero's one. Their WorldSession::HandleMovementOpcodes is in general similar to ours save anticheat lines. But there might be changes substantial to this "fly" elsewhere, for example, in WorldSession::HandleMoverRelocation. Someone willing to port it could have this issue in mind. Personally to me, a plain porting of definitely non-blizzlike scheme seems both boring and inefficient, so sorry.

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