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  1. mpfans

  2. MaNGOS unofficial cms

    nice!I need this website! I can test it?
  3. mangos zero Clean characters item

    Clear all the data in this table 'character_inventory'
  4. mangos zero Error when trying to update db

    update the source code and rebuild. >git pull origin master
  5. Herbal medicines refresh too much

    yes,i know. I looked at their refresh time, are normal
  6. Azuregos's bug

    new: Azuregos cast spell Chill (id=21098),player's 'Mark of Frost' debuff will clear
  7. quest 6403 can not complete

    fixed [url]https://github.com/mangoszero/server/commit/77876df7087d6870ba5408cd67ad830c659dfe73[/url] please close it. thank you very much @H0zen
  8. quest 4740 Can't complete

    fixed [url]https://github.com/mangoszero/server/commit/77876df7087d6870ba5408cd67ad830c659dfe73[/url] please close it. thank you very much @H0zen
  9. Azuregos's bug

    add a bug cast Frost Breath(id=22479),'Mark of Frost' debuff will clear
  10. Warrior's bug

    fixed.Very perfect [email protected] ,tyvm! https://github.com/mangoszero/server/commit/fd01d9fdc9785cea2b98c3ab604adffcb1b7fa23 please close this issue!thank you!
  11. Warrior's bug

    Warrior's bug player 1 = A player 2 = B A cast 'Battle Shout(RANK =1)' ,B cast 'Battle Shout(RANK=2)', then A and B also owned 'Battle Shout' rank 1 and rank 2 buff
  12. Mage's Blizzard Spell bug

    Mage's Blizzard bug player 1 =A player 2 =B When A cast'Blizzard(rank 1)' spells ,B cast'Blizzard(rank 2)'spell, B will not cause any damage,Only A spell can cause damage.
  13. quest 2969 can not complete http://wow.magelo.com/en/quest/2969
  14. Azuregos's bug

    sorry,because of the network problem, leading to repeated submission, please close this issue!thank you!

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