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  • Level 60 Stats

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    Level 60 Stats

    Also Druid's base stats are,

    65 str
    60 agi
    70 stam
    100 int
    115 spirit

    You can also determine what the base health and base mana for each class is by subtracting the basehealth - stam * 10 or the basemana - int * 15.

    Mage = 1190 / 933
    Priest = 1217 / 1096
    Warrior = 1509
    Warlock = 1234 / 1093
    Hunter = 1287 / 1440
    Druid = 1303 / 1121
    Rogue = ?
    Paladin = ? / ?
    Shaman = ? / ?

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    I didnt get any of those stats from any mangos release it was based off a website and the statistics people posted around 2007 which wasnt long after vanilla. If you goto the original post there is a reference that i linked to the website with all those statistics. I do believe that mangos r19 or r20 has mostly the same stats but there are some differences.

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