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  • Life Tap issues

    • Status: Awaiting Feedback
      Main Category: Database
      Sub-Category: Spell
      Version: 21.0 Milestone: 20 Priority: Urgent
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Life Tap issues

    Third time editing, apologies..my mind is elsewhere, sorted now :)

    Naked and untalented, it bugs.
    Naked and with the equivalent talent (improved life tap in affliction tree) partly slotted, 1/2, it bugs.
    Naked and with the equivalent talent fully slotted, 2/2, again it bugs.
    Geared up...it remains bugged :)

    Namely, something happens because of ...spell dmg bonuses? Something else?.. that makes it:

    !) cost much greater amounts of health to use, while giving back exactly the mana it is suposed to.
    Last rank is 420 health for an equal exhange of 420 mana. It actually takes 1k+ of my health to give that 420 mana back!

    2) ignore the relevant talent, be it 1/2 or 2/2, and continue to cost exactly the same regardless

    edit: The Plagueheart Set works as should btw..8-set bonus corrctly reduces the health cost by the percentage stated. Even in our case. So the issue lies in general.

    Urgent for me, as class + this = useless. Feel free to redefine the priority

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    I cannot reproduce this. Again, what version of MaNGOS are you running? You seem to be having loads of issues we cannot reproduce. I have a warlock as does my fiance and neither of us can create this error. Can you paste us the output of ".server info" in your chat window?


    Alright, completely naked, no armor, trinkets, weapons, anything. Rings off, everything. I am level 47 with 1218hp this way. I have two points into the improved life tap talent. I used life tap rank 5, which normall does 300hp to 300m. I gained 360hp (correct) and my life dropped to 918 (correct, 1218-300=918) so it is working perfectly here. We REALLY need to know what server you are running into these problems on. Version? Is SD2 enabled? Is Eluna enabled? Linux or Windows host? Any of those would greatly help us in hunting down these issues. Also, are you on covenant with these issues or another server?

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