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  1. Apologies for the belated reply, was typing and typing only to repeat what i was saying above, so.. But anyway. I've seen the 'new' guides. The OP was posted after reading them, not before; for someone starting from scratch, they are a no go. Whether it's my lack of knowledge, the newer versions of the programs being incompatible with your cores or a bit both i know not, but the result is the same. They're a no go Regardless, my thanks for taking the time to post something back.
  2. There used to be a looong long guide detailing how one could download, build/compile/whatever else was needed for a Mangos server, from scratch.. Said guide (from the Mangos wiki) is now gone. So i was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to write such a guide again. And before you say it, yes, i've seen those surviving the forum change and the wiki "update". For someone starting with zero, nada, knowledge (like me), they do not help. Too many inbetween steps missing To explain what i want first: a 1.12.x client i can run from my PC. For me alone. No servers, no other people. I
  3. Apologies for delaying; Seems it is as you say, as i still can't see said animation. And there is a similar issue with Kolkar windrunners, again a ranged one. That i cannot see i mean :) Since you will be reading this, and to spare you further questioning..after i install, can i instantly patch WoW to 1.12.1, or do i need all patches in the appropriate sequence?
  4. Still crashing I had a lot of crashes in One, as run in covenant-wow.com (MadMax) I saw that someone "deactivated" Belves/Dranaei, and as all my crashes were with a Belf, thought ok, let's try again. Same issue, same reason, both with undead and a troll "Stack Overflow", identical to the previous ones. This is just to let you know, not sure if it's just me or not. (Antz has the log)
  5. [quote=Xenithar]Cannot reproduce this. It appears as though your client is missing their bow/crossbow animation. Poachers can do ranged attacks. I have had four players through here since June and none reported issues, and that does not include my main character (Tauren Shammy). Oh, and my neighbor's kid now plays with us and he had a warrior go through there, no issues. My fiance is right next to me now on her system and poachers are working. She got close, it started attacking with a sword. She rooted it and backed off, and it used a crossbow. Is there anything special you were doing to cau
  6. Palemane poachers (Mulgore) They aggro normally, the rest gets a bit weird though.. Even though they stand still doing absolutely nothing visible, your health is going down if you are wihin range. So i am guessing they are casting something, just that lacking any visual indication.. The problem i had mentioned previously regarding casters and out of line of sight does of course apply here as well. But the above is a different issue, as it happens when you are both within range and LoS
  7. Quest "Poison Water" Upon completion, Mull Thunderhorn makes an entirely irrelevant speech (this is not an info 1/2 panel written thing, it's an emoted "speech"), denoting instructions about some spybot and my needing to attack... random, definitely belongs to a different quest. Quest can however be completed properly.
  8. [quote=Xenithar]I have a 47 undead lock right now and played in the alpha, beta, vanilla, TBC, and WoTLK. I never summoned anything in a tent. It always took place in the tower. Perhaps it was different on EU servers? Ah-HA! You can have pets out. Not only that but they mention the building, not a tent. This solves two issues. Reference: [URL="http://www.wowwiki.com/Quest:The_Binding_%28Felhunter%29"]Tome of The Cabal[/URL] As you can see they recommend having the VW out for this battle, which I always did, and they mention her walking into the BUILDING behind her, not a tent. There are th
  9. [quote=Xenithar]In vanilla, identical effects overwrite one another. For example, if I drank an elixir of intellect and then the one (I forget the name) that does intellect and spirit, it would overwrite the other. This is working as intended. What are you using that you feel should not overwrite?[/quote] the combination mentioned above, in the OP. Flask of supreme power + greater arcane elixir if you are sure however, you're sure. I'd still like to say it once more though. It was, and remained throughout, one flask + one elixir + one pot edit: which is in fact correct with any combination i
  10. [quote=Xenithar]I cannot reproduce this. I must eat for 15 seconds before the buff appears. What exactly are you eating that appears instantly?[/quote] The regen health from the poached salmon does it, the run tum tumbler does it, the desert dumplings (20 str) do it as well. Basically, all the foods (according to class) you'd be eating before a raid
  11. [quote=Xenithar]1) Are you sure about that? I always used my helpers. In fact, I just spent some time looking and I cannot find any reference to not being allowed to use existing pets. Do you have anything that can show us this? 2) This would be a missing or bugged script, likely in SD2. 3) What tent? This takes place in a tower. I cannot summon it outside the tower, but I can drag it out once summoned. How are you summoning this thing outside? 4) I have not tried this, will test. 5) Cannot reproduce this one. 6) I need to test this. 7) And this... 8) And this. Actually, this raises questions
  12. [quote=Xenithar]Unless I am mistaken that is correct. That command should learn all of the default skills for your character. For example, if you had removed the daggers skill on a rogue, it should add it back. Also, this would be a core (server) issue. Are you saying you can unlearn skills and the default will not add them back?[/quote] am still learning the categories, don't shoot :)) yes, i am saying that (for me) it doesn't work. Nothing happns, nothing changes with it. Tried it with rogue, still had to go pick up skills, and raise them. Still had to go do the quests to unlock the locked
  13. Food buff "appears" immediately As per title, the instant you sit down to begin your eating, the equivalent buff of the food you are consuming (if applicable) appears on you immediately. Should have been 10/15 seconds after initiating, and assuming nothing interrupted said process.
  14. GM command ineffective (apologies if this is the wrong category for this) .learn all_default does absolutely nothing. No skills missing now learned, no skills already acquired up to 300, no quests yet to be undertaken marked as taken and completed.
  15. Pot effects overwritting one another currently, Flask of Supreme Power overwrites/removes the greater arcane elixir effect. And vice versa. should have been one flask, one elixir, one potion. not sure if it was so on my mage as well and i just missed seeing it, but on my lock at least, drinking either one does remove the other.
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