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Ah, I see! Well, thank you very much everyone for aiding me with this :)

I apreaciate it very much.




Actually, I do have one more question.

So, I did compile and do all of this on my win8 32bit VM. Then I transfered onto my main OS, win10 64 bit.


And I found that mysqld.exe refuses to open. It gives me error 2003, cannot connect to localhost (10061). I tried to search it, but it's claimed that it might already be running, but it isn't. I don't have it as service even, and my task manager is clean of any mysqld.exe.

However, I am able to start the mysql from someone's elses repack of mangos-zero 0.20 and Jeutie's Repack's mysql too.


I've tried replacing the mysql that I brought over from the VM and uploading mangos/characters/realmd dbs but it gives me error about structure or so.


I know this isn't a specifically mangos question, but would someone be able to help? Thank you.

PS: The mysql I got on the VM is 5.7



I managed to fix the MYSQL problem somehow (first edit, inside spoiler). It just started working out of nowhere.


Another set of questions, now yes about Mangos.

Imagine I wanted to upgrade the server into mangos-one at a later date, but keep all my characters and guilds and everything. What needs to be changed and what can remain the same?

And after mangos-one, if change into mangos-two or trinity core? Would the same procedure work for zero > one work for one > two? Or one > trinity?

I believe it's obvious that the core, dbc, maps, mmaps and vmaps are obvious that changes, but what about the database? Does mangos use the same structure as trinity? What would I have to do if it doesn't?


Thank you.

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To move from zéro to one or two, you need:

- new set of dbc, maps, mmaps, vmaps

- Transfer the character database to another one dedicated to your one/two realms

- Have a world database containing your one/two content

- You can keep the same authentication server and database


For obvious reasons, you will have to figure out the migration from Mangos to TrinityCore by yourself if you want to do so. I only know that the structure is similar but not the same.

We may analyse the opposite scenario though.

ps: No need to bump, we are reading forum updates on a regular basis.

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Hey guys, thank you for your help. Sadly, my internet serviced messed up and I'm on hotspot only at certain hours.


I downloaded Namcore and seems to open fine, when I have my internet stable and back, I'll get to downloading mangos-one and trinity or mangos-two and test the transfers with that software. I wonder if I can still pull a character out of the armory with it? Hehe.


Was also wondering, as I've never seen anyone mention, in Vanilla there's this guy (I haven't found him yet) which supposely gives you the Blizzard Bear and Murloc costume if you input Blizzard's code on. And on TBC or WOLTK, Landro started doing the same for the TCG.


Is there a way to create custom codes for people to redeem the stuff?

Also, there's a gnome in the hall of explorers in IF, when I talk to him he gives me 3 talk options (that's called gossip, right?), but when I click any of them nothing happens, no new dialog page or anything at all.

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