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Greetings from a fellow developer


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Hi my name is Anders,
I'm from Denmark and I am a professional software developer.

I'd like to get involed in the development of player bots for MaNGOS.
I can see there are some bots for MaNGOS zero, is the correct?
And do you guys have any plans to develop bots for the remaining cores?

I'd love to hear from you :-) and I'd love to get to work on AI for MaNGOS.


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Hi Anders,

Welcome to the MaNGOS site. I've passed this topic onto @antz our project lead. You are correct there is a playerbots system in Zero, although it has not had someone looking after it in a few years now.

We would love to work bots into all Mangos cores. I have added you on skype (i hope), my id is xmark202

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Hello, Anders!

The trouble with Playerbot and PlayerbotAI is both are years out of date. You'd need to update the code base of whichever one you choose to work properly with the current cores. The sole exception being the PlayerbotAI already ported into MaNGOS Zero.

The PlayerbotAI in Zero at this time is based upon Ike's version, which differs in some significant ways from blueboy's original Playerbot. If you wish to work with that instead, it will need to be ported from Zero into the other MaNGOS cores.

In the meantime, there is a sub-forum dedicated to further development of Playerbot and you're welcome to start a discussion there. It is my hope that enough people will become interested to form a thriving Playerbot Development team.

Here's the links to blueboy's Playerbot repositories:

blueboy's Playerbot -

playerbot-zero: http://github.com/blueboy/portalzero

playerbot-one: http://github.com/blueboy/portalone

playerbot-two: http://github.com/blueboy/portaltwo

At some point in the future, I will generate proper patch files of both Playerbot versions so aspiring devs like yourself can work with something more easily understood. Feel free to jump right in! :)

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