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[eluna] Grumbo`z Complete VIP System


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Grumbo'z VIP System

VIP System:
ok we only have a couple basic Vip/Premium systems so far that I have found on our site 
so I figured I would release a complete version of my VIP System.

--Built Tested and Approved for TC2 3.3.5a Eluna ONLY--
--Tested and Approved for TC2 4.3.4 Eluna ONLY--
--Rumored to be compatible with Mangos Eluna--

Addon scripts:
  • Allows for VIP 1 to xx. max VIP level set in the core (VIPMAX) currently set to 5.
  • A VIP Coin to give access to extra commands and perks.
  • A VIP Stone that will level-up a player's VIP level.
    • Stone is a one shot use. it will vanish after use.
  • A '#resetTP' command for players to reset there own talent points.
    • The command will add extra points based on VIP level also.
  • A '#hp' command to buff a players health points based on there VIP level.
  • Guild Member rewards.
  • Items can be set to require a minimum VIP rank.
  • A banker to deposit/withdraw MG.(Magic Gold)
  • 2 custom drop scripts for npc's.
  • TP reset command.
  • VIP revive command.
  • extra player levels per VIP rank.
  • PvP gold looting.
  • PvP item looting.
  • VIP repair command.
  • VIP World Chat System.

Pick and choose which scripts you wish to use, its dynamic, or write your own scripts. The value is stored in RAM so you can access the stored value .ooooh maybe a new community project?...

if you have your own scripts you have wrote to work with this and want to add them here in a post , just remember to be thorough with a very verbose 'how-to' whether it is Lua or C++ .. oh yea and it should work too.


Enjoy everyone and have fun makin kewl new addonz for your server.

Thanks to the following:
@Rochet2 , @FoeReaper, @Faded and @QQrofl for the tons of info that got me to this point.

This is another Eluna release of mine from EmuDevs I saved.
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