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  1. Is this still being developed ?
  2. Very nice, much appreciated man... It's an awesome collection. Thank you!
  3. Thank you guys I will start working on this the other week. Seems ppl like the concept. My server is in open beta since yesterday and currently the death penalty is all equipped items are removed. There are other changes too, I am aiming at improving the game without breaking the vanilla feeling ... Join our discord if u want to check it out or also help us develop it. Will post back when I try the chest thing... Cheers! Discord: https://discord.gg/7Q5gcBk
  4. I think the content is pretty complete and scripted well enough, I've only tested a couple of raids - and not the whole thing, but they seem to be working fine ... Playable to say the least. So nice work with Zero, pls keep it up !
  5. Hey guys im thinking to buy a vps with ubuntu server and put my mangos zero server on it, cause right now im just playing with it on my ubuntu laptop, but I want to go pro and invite more ppl to my server. It's zero (vanilla) and im wondering is a vps what I need, and would this be enough to start with : 30 GB Disk Space 2 Cores CPU 1 GB Memory 2 TB Bandwidth Europe (Amsterdam) + SSD This costs around 12 euro, which is okay for me, don't wanna go above 20. Can you share your thoughts on this product and on getting a vps to host mangos in general :? Thanks .. take care!
  6. Nice, man thank you! Losing items on death has certainly been an amazing experience ! I am wondering though are there any ready made player loot scripts ... Like when you die all your gear is dropped in some form ... let's say for any1 to pick it up no matter the faction... does this exist ? Because I myself may try to do it if it doesnt... I saw one solution for player loot but it contained another sql table where the items that are going to become the loot are stored. I thought that is somehow over-complicated so I'm wondering is this done in lua only? Does any1 have it for share ? thank you!
  7. Many thanks ... looks very interesting I might try to implement it too ... Btw I solved my issue I'm thinking what if I add this to my destroy items on death function ... and would the 2 of them co-exist just fine, or will the item destroy script trigger first and then make the above script unable to pick up an item... anyhow, here is the topic containing the code used for item destroy if some1 else needs it, Rochet2 wrote it for me :
  8. Thanks alot ! Lok'tar ogar !
  9. Thanks alot for everything man !!! I wasn't able to do it by myself even with the help of the above posts, and so Rochet2 has basically written it for me in a personal message. After this, I finally had the following code that solved the issue : local function RemoveItemsOnDeath (event, killer, killed) local bag = 255 for slot = 0, 18 local item = killed:GetItemByPos( bag, slot ) if item then killed:RemoveItem(item, 1) end end end RegisterPlayerEvent(6, RemoveItemsOnDeath) RegisterPlayerEvent(8, RemoveItemsOnDeath)
  10. Awesome !!! Im checking this out right now will post back (here only) and I am sory about the extra posts I tryed deleting some of them when I figured they were in the wrong sections but I couldnt .. wont happen again though. Thanks alot !
  11. Thank you for the quick response! ... well completely destroyed .. like you die - you repop with no items on. Only the ones in your backpack and bank are left untouched. And yes the way you described the algorithm would suffice for my case I think ... I've seen similar code in Player.cpp - like selecting an item and destroying it (something like: for (int i = EQUIPMENT_SLOT_START; i < EQUIPMENT_SLOT_END; ++i) DestroyItem(i, update) but this is no good for me since I cant translate it into lua ....
  12. Hello there! Please guys, help me out - I am very new to lua and I want to make a simple script for my mangoszero - I want my players to lose equipped items on death ... I am having very bad time and it should be very short and simple... still I can't do it myself, can any1 please help :? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi guys, first off thanks alot to every1 contributing to the mangos project - it is loveable .. honestly ! I can't express how happy I am to see so many gamers working on the same thing yet from very different perspectives and with different goals .. it is amazing ! now to my point: I am using mangoszero, on ubuntu server (everything works like a charm) and I am trying to add a few scripts to customize my server a bit... I need a lua script that deletes equipped items from a player on death.... (pretty hardcore ikr) .. that's all ! I started learning lua to be able to make it myself, but no luck so far all I found out was I need to include the right server hook - which for my case should be: SERVER_HOOK_DEATH = 6 but I dont know how to write the rest In terms of algorithm I want the script to do this : when a player dies, destroy all equipped gear. Any help would be most appreciated !!!
  14. Hello mangos community ! I am very pleased to be here ! I am working on a private vanilla wow server - trying to create a free economy environment for my players and some kind of death penalty - cause I think wow lacks it really... Anyhow, I am amazed with how well mangoszero is working for me so far, and I wanted to say hi and express my gratitude for a wonderful product ! Cheers ! PS: I need a little help with adding a very simple lua script to my server so that it does something on player death. Please let me know if you are willing to help me

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