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Hello world :)


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Hey all!

I'm a pathetically massive fan of vanilla WoW. My friend introduced me to mangos a few weeks back and since been very interested. I'd love to see where I could help out / how I can help keep this ball rolling.  

I'm a senior software engineer with 4 years of professional experience. I mostly code in  PHP, Go, and NodeJS. My DB experience comes mostly from MySQL. With my companies huge push towards CI/CD we've moved quickly towards using Docker and have had huge success with it. I'd absolutely love to get a working docker container built for mangos...having it be platform agnostic would be sweet and would probably save a lot of people some head aches. Spinning up a server to support vanilla WoW in 2 commands would be bad ass! I've already noticed there exists a container out there, but so far haven't had much luck with it (that doesn't say much since I only played around with it at work for 15 min and really don't know anything about mongos). Has anyone here already tinkered with such a thing?

I look forward to getting to know the community.


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Thank you.

That's very interesting. What policies do ready-to-use cores violate? I've been curious about what's allowed and what's not when it comes to vanilla WoW. Obviously it's a huge no-no to some, but where is the line drawn? 

This question might be a little ambitious - feel free to just say "it's hard to explain", haha. 

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Well, the server core requires data extracted from the game client to run. We are not allowed to distribute these data as this is part of Blizzard's property.

For the line, it's rather easy:

- Writting code to emulate wow server: yes

- Running private server for public use or gain: no

- Distributing Blizzard's property stuff: no


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