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Hello, awesome people!

I am trying to edit the Spell " Shadow Word: Pain " (ID:23952) in the "Spell.dbc", specifically the amount of damage it does per tick. I have successfully modified the damage per tick of other spells such as "Immolate", however editing columns 77 and 78, which reflect base damage and damage per tick ( for "immolate anyway ) in my "Spell.dbc" has no effect for " Shadow Word: Pain ".

Thus far I have only achieved successful "Spell.dbc" modifications by searching for similar values and through trial and error. 

I'm using Mangos Zero but the table structure described in http://mangoszero-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/file-formats/dbc/spell.html doesn't match my "Spell.dbc" structure. I have 174 columns whereas the other describes 140 columns. 

If anybody could inform me of how to alter the damage per tick of spells and/or direct me to information regarding the "Spell.dbc" table structure that would be absolutely bloody amazing! 

Many many thanks!

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