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Mangos zero account creation



Dear Community,

Since a couple of days im trying to get account registration via php working. When ever i create an account via my php script the account get created but i can't login with the credentials. It gives me an error that username and/or password are incorrect. 

Has anyone else encountered this if so how did you fix that? I can see the accounts appear in the 'account' table :)

If you need any further info please ask. 



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16 minutes ago, Talendrys said:

Which algorithm do you use to generate the password ?


I'm using sha1 to generate the password]



EDIT: i have fixed it. Problem was that i didn't hash username + password, only password. Now im hashing them both like : 

function encryptpw($user, $pass) {
    $user = strtoupper($user);
    $pass = strtoupper($user);
    return sha1($user.':'.$pass);
encryptpw($username, $_POST['pass']);

Now i'm able to login :-)

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